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Default Re: Dino - Houndoom - Urban

[Cinder] Houndoom (F)
Ability: Flash Fire
Health: 100
Energy: 100

Muk (F)
Ability: Stench
Health: 100
Energy: 100
Minimize~Mud Bomb

Cinder leaps forward with a growl, ready to lay a beatdown. Her mouth fills with natural flames which escape between the teeth, and when she opens it a torrent of fire comes rushing out and washes over Muk. As a very slow Pokemon, Muk can do little but sit there and wait it out. Unfortunately for all involved, the heat also increases Muk’s stink, which you, Houndoom, and the Ranger all wrinkle your noses at.

Cinder refuses to let up, but that doesn’t stop Muk from taking her own action. Her body consists of large piles of slime which, while essential over the long term, can be separated from her for a short period of time. She relaxes her body, allowing the sludge to slide off and greatly decrease her physical size. Though most of her weight is in the core of her body, which remains, she is now much smaller, and as a result, a harder target to hit. Unfortunately for Muk, she’s already caught under Cinder’s flames, and thus continues to take damage until finally Cinder stops to catch her breath.

The unusually long Flamethrower finished, Muk unleashes a proper attack of her own. The concrete of the road behind her begins to crack, and then split apart, revealing the dirt underneath. As the asphalt flies apart, the dirt visibly liquefies, becoming instant mud. Muk’s mighty arms steadily rise, causing all of that mud to rise with them, compressed into a ball. She swings in a throwing motion, and like a rocket the mud flies forward, directly targeting Cinder. Ordinarily a Mud Bomb like this would hit the ground in front of Cinder, due to natural inaccuracy, and hit her with the backlash, but instead Muk seems to have gotten lucky, and it hits her head on. The mud explodes on contact with her face, releasing both a concussive force and a wave of mud focused on her. She’s knocked back and onto her side, and although she manages to stand, she’s clearly taken a significantly heavy hit.

[Cinder] Houndoom (F)
Ability: Flash Fire
Health: 79
Energy: 84

Muk (F)
Ability: Stench
Health: 78
Energy: 90
Status: Eva+1

Cinder uses Flamethrower: Deals 12 damage. Costs 8 energy.
Muk uses Minimize: Costs 2 energy. Eva+1
Cinder uses Flamethrower: Deals 12 damage. Costs 8 energy.
Muk uses Mud Bomb: It’s a critical hit! (.64/6.25) Deals 21 damage. Costs 8 energy.

You have 28 Safari Points remaining.
What will you do?
>Attack (1 Point)
>Use Item (1 Point)
>Flee (2 Points)
> Leave Safari Zone (All Points)
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