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Default Re: Signature and Tutored Moves

Originally Posted by Lord Fedora View Post
And then there was another one.

[Hotspot] Chandelure (M)
Ability: Flash Fire
Stats: None
Signature Move: Phantom Mark: Blaze Control
Type: Fire/Ghost | BP: NA | Accuracy: NA | Classification: Status | Energy Modifier: 10
Description: Chandelure are spirits of fire, best known for burning the souls of the unjust for sustenance. This is, however, a secondary aspect of their being. All Chandelures have the ability to become masters of fire. For Hotspot, this ability is absolutely his to share. By infusing ghostly energy with flames, he is able to form a mark, consisting of a large circle with four smaller circles surrounding it, connected by twisting lines, all out of purple flames. The mark, when placed on a target (or even himself) bestows a singificantly increased control of fire. While it cannot increase the power of fire attacks, or grant STAB to non-fire types, it does enable the marked to hit their target with fire attacks far more effectively. The mark fades over time, though, and can only be used every so often, due to the strain it places on Hotspot's soul.

Effects: Can be used on self. For the action after use, fire attacks by the target have 50% increased accuracy. This boost decreases by 10% with every action (40% on second action, 30% on third, etc). This effect will end after five actions, or when the user is switched out.
Usage Gap: Once per battle.
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