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Default Re: Individual RP: ChainReaction01 (Woods)

OOC: Awwww, I like this Pokemon's personality, it sucks to turn it down ;-;


After snapping a photo of the Wigglytuff it retreated shyly. I was happy to see that not all Pokemon were battle-hungry - it seemed like most of the ones around me were. Lots of Wild Pokemon were, and many of the Pokemon I raised were raised for battle. Even Dual, my first partner, he was a fighter. Sometimes I got sick of it, but I'd inevitably realise that people and Pokemon were always going to fight, so all I could do was train my Pokemon well, to keep them from being hurt as much as possible.

“Nice to see those skills coming in handy,” Ivy said suddenly, startling me out of my thoughts. “Do you have the chance to get out much with your line of work?”

"No I don't, ma'am," I replied quickly. "But I don't mind that. I'm not a fan of traveling in general - any days I get off I just relax around the farm. I actually spend a fair bit of time talking with James. We share a lot. I keep him updated on the family and he tells me things that he can't tell anyone else here."

I realised that I'd probably said too much, so I shut my mouth tight. I was so busy keeping quiet that I didn't realise that a Pokemon was tailing us until it darted right in front of me. All I saw was a flash of different colours before I yelled in surprise and fell backwards onto my rump. I peered between my legs and I saw a small red yellow and blue bird-like reptile. It moved from side to side quickly, peering at me. Its eyes were intelligent and it no doubt had a playful nature - really, the perfect Pokemon to breed.

However, there was a problem. This was a Fossil Pokemon. They weren't common in the wild because all Fossil Pokemon were originally revitalised in labs, but thanks to breeders like me enough had been bred / released that they were now found in nature. By their very nature, they were powerful and hard to train. I didn't feel confident about my abilities. A Scyther would be a test enough. No, I wasn't ready to train this Pokemon, no matter how badly I wanted to. I got onto my knees and moved forward slowly, so as not to spook the Archen.

"Look, I'd love to take you with me, little one, but I can't just yet," I explained to it in my softest voice. "Feel free to hang around us, but I can't battle you. If you stick around, though, I try to capture you later on."

I felt a connection with this Pokemon, but I knew I couldn't risk catching it now. I wouldn't be doing either of us any favours if I tried and failed. Despite that, if this Pokemon really wished to battle, I would accede to its wishes. I wasn't going to fob on a doll on this Pokemon if it felt like it belonged with me.
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