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Default Re: Individual RP: ChainReaction01 (Woods)

OOC: Hrrrr, I think I'll make it.... Female.

As Dual's barrier solidified, Ivy didn't seem to realise that I wanted to include her but was too shy to.

“Oi,” she called out, “I see how it is. You're not gonna protect the lady?"

My face burned as she muttered something, and a moment later she was with us, behind the shield. Her faint strawberry-esque scent didn't help my flush, so I scratched the side of my head to try and cover the red spreading across my face.

“Guess I'll have to take care of myself then," she continued. "I wonder what Chainy would think about that one. Where has all the honor gone?"

I knew what I wanted to say. I wanted to tell her that I assumed an Elite Ranger could protect herself but that obviously she required a fifteen year old kid's help. However, James' words of warning floated through my head. He often described carefully the torments he would inflict upon me if I was rude to Ivy. They were second only to the ones he threatened me with should I reveal his secrets to her. So, I decided to just keep my mouth shut and say nothing. Besides, even if I did try, chances were nothing would come out but a dry cough.

The Overheat worked exactly as I hoped it would. The streams of fire worked their away along the spiderweb threads, burning them up. However, I hadn't counted on their thickness, and they weren't burnt off as fast as I hoped. Some of the webs fell down onto the ground and flared up, burning on the ground. I kept an eye on them - I didn't want a forest fire on my hands - but it didn't look like they were in any danger of expanding, at least for now.

I heard some squeaking - no doubt the Joltik had been struck by the attack, and being a Bug-type it would have hurt a lot. Its retaliation was swift - a wide spray of purple poison shot out from behind the tree where the Joltik had last been seen. Small yellow sparks flickered throughout the spray, and it rained down on Saya. She whined as the poison stung her and the electricity crawled along her fur. I could have sworn I saw a slight flicker in the powerful sunlight, but the rays didn't go anywhere.

I heard some more squeaking, and suddenly some thin strings shot all over the field. It was probably some primitive form of trap. I'd need to be very careful, a sentiment that was quickly echoed by Ivy.

“Careful, Jathan,” she warned. “Those trip wires could do some damage, and even though you hit the Joltik hard, I don't think it's down yet. Also watch the fire please," she threw in as an afterthought. I knew she was right though - any plan I came up with had to minimize fire contact with the surrounding area. I would avoid using fire altogether, but unfortunately Saya's training wasn't complete. So far, I'd only taught her Fire and Grass-typed moves to take advantage of her sun-summoning abilities, and Grass moves would be worse than useless against a Bug-type. That meant that I had to use fire, but at least I could be careful about it.

"Saya, use your Extrasensory to lure the Joltik out into the open and then hit it with a couple of Ember attacks," I ordered.

Ember was a nice controllable Fire-typed attack that wouldn't get out of control. It was a bit weaker than I would have liked, but the only Fire attacks that the Ninetails knew were incredibly powerful or the wide-range Flame Burst technique. I knew that Ember was weak, and Saya was tired from the Overheat, but the sunlight's heat would help cover that weakness a bit.

Saya's eyes began to glow bright yellow as she started the Extrasensory. She'd use her psychic abilities to locate the Joltik's mindwaves, and then she'd use illusions and manipulate the Joltik's senses in order to trick it out into the open. It was an interesting technique, not as powerful as the usual Psychic attack, but different enough that most Pokemon didn't see it coming often and so they were a little more susceptible to it.
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