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Default Re: Dino | Houndoom | Urban

[Cinder] Houndoom (F)
Ability: Flash Fire
Health: 79
Energy: 84

Muk (F)
Ability: Stench
Health: 78
Energy: 90
Status: EVA +1 (Minimize)

Houndoom, although still covered in mud, decides to get back on the offensive. This time, Houndoom inhales deeply, taking in a large breath of air. It holds the air in its mouth, making it hotter with every passing second. Soon, Houndoom shot back a blast of painfully hot air, which melting the concrete as it flew onto Muk. The attack was certainly painful but not unbearable, although the stink in the arena did siginficantly increase.
[Heat Wave: Houndoom, -9 Energy; Muk, -12 HP]

Hurting from the onslaught of fire, Muk had little willpower. Rather, using the mud from its previous strike, Muk lazily waved its arm at Houndoom, sending a significantly smaller portion of mud at the dog-like Pokémon. This time, the mud contacted directly with Houndoom's face - the Fire-type sprawled backward, as it was not blind. Despite this, she attempted to attack - her mouth filled again, this time with a ghastly blue flame. As opposed to a long stream of fire, smaller, contained fireballs were set off in a volley towards Muk. However, Houndoom's eyesight was too poor to see, and the assault hit nowhere near Muk. She did however, almost burn the Ranger and the Trainers involved.
[Mud-Slap: Houndoom, -4 HP, -1 ACC; Muk, -2 Energy]
[Will-O-Wisp: Houndoom, -3 Energy;]

Feeling more confident now, the wild Muk struck the ground again, drawing more mud up from within the earth. Another large ball was formed and thrown by the Poison-type, hitting its mark once again. While this strike did not do nearly as much damage, Houndoom was rather frustrated, and now dipping with stinking mud.
[Mud Bomb: Houndoom, -11 HP; Muk, -8 Energy]

[Cinder] Houndoom (F)
Ability: Flash Fire
Health: 64
Energy: 72
Status: ACC -1 (Mud-Slap)

Muk (F)
Ability: Stench
Health: 66
Energy: 80
Status: EVA +1 (Minimize)

Ref Notes
Houndoom's Will-O-Wisp
Accuracy rolled a 78 where rolling more than 43 resulted in this action missing the target.

You have 26 Safari Points remaining.
What will you do?
>Attack (1 Point)
>Use Item (1 Point)
>Flee (2 Points)
> Leave Safari Zone (All Points)

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