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Default Re: Contest Moves List (B/W Mode)

Contest Combos

These are moves that, if used after one another, will earn you bonus Hearts during the Secondary Round. The Combo Standby move is the move you have to use first. Then, you may use any Combo Secondary to complete the Combo. These Combos are only for B/W.

Confusion --> Psychic

Defense Curl --> Rollout

Endure --> Reversal|Flail

Fire Pledge <--> Water Pledge|Grass Pledge

Flamethrower --> Fire Blast

Fusion Flare <--> Fusion Bolt

Hail --> Blizzard

Hypnosis --> Dream Eater|Nightmare

Ice Fang <---> Thunder Fang|Fire Fang

Ingrain <--> Leech Seed

Jump Kick --> Hi Jump Kick

Mega Punch <--> Mega Kick

Quiver Dance --> Baton Pass

Rain Dance --> Hurricane

Reflect <--> Light Screen

Rest --> Snore|Sleep Talk

Scratch --> Slash

Shell Smash --> Amnesia|Iron Defense

Slam --> Heavy Slam

Sludge --> Sludge Bomb

Spikes <--> Toxic Spikes

Stockpile --> Spit Up|Swallow

Substitute --> Focus Punch

Sunny Day --> Moonlight|Synthesis|Solarbeam

Surf --> Hydro Pump

Swagger <--> Flatter

Taunt --> Counter|Magic Coat

ThunderBolt --> Thunder

Thunder Punch <--> Fire Punch|Ice Punch

*Combo Standby --> Combo
**Combo Standby+Combo <--> Combo Standby+Combo - Moves can go on either side.
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