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Default Temporal Diamond vs Princess_Eevee9 -- Temporal Diamond wins by DQ.

Single Battle, 1 Pokémon each.
DQ: Three Days
Damage Caps: 50
Restrictions: No direct recovery moves. No OHKOs, including Perish Song and Destiny Bond.
Arena: Daycare Center Mini-battlefield
One of the many facilities of the Pokemon Daycare Center is that not only does it have a cool playground of Pokemon to play in, there is also a miniature battlefield arena designed for the slightly more mature toddlers. Pokemon with an EXP between 2 to 4 have a 50% damage boost. Pokemon that have an EXP higher than 4 will have their damage halved.
Ref Style: Open

There's never a dull day for a Pokemon Trainer! I'll be sending out my May

(May) Treecko(F)
Ability: Overgrow
Sig Move: N/A

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