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Default Re: Worst Collector Ever :curios, bazzar, emporium, Dream World etc:

Just added
Birthday Dream World Togekiss

JWhite Mewtwo UT (GMS)@ Kingsrock
DreamWorld Banette (f) faint attack/hex/shadowball/cotton guard will only accept DW pkmn i dont have yet.

shiny Jolitk -Masuda Bred (f) Modest [unnerve] -leech life/spider web/thunderbolt/volt switch

Just added
Dream World Smoochum, Bronzor, MrMine, Ralts, Snubbull, Houndour & Wobuffett, Drowzee & Now Natu and Abra & Sableye.

Just Obtained
Rugged Mountain BAGON & Dream World [Poison hand] Croagunk ALSO Shiny Darmanitan


Pokérus Empire

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