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Default Re: Eishiba vs. Lord Fedora

We surveyed the desert around us mournfully. Everyone had realised by now that this was it – the end of humanity was close at hand. Whatever had caused this had taken no prisoners; whole cities had been annihilated by the disaster. One of these, possibly Pewter City, could still be seen on the horizon; smoke still rose from its twisted, charred and shattered ruins, creating a great, black cloud in the sky above us. In a few places, blackened trees rose from the cracked ground, as if trying to add some sort of character to the otherwise featureless landscape. Things certainly looked bleak for the remaining humans.

But at least you’d have thought that those who were left could put aside their differences and work together to rebuild the world as they knew it. Fat chance. Instead, the survivors splintered into small tribes, who constantly fought each other for land on which they could attempt to grow whatever seeds they had managed to scavenge from ruined farms and storehouses. Today, one of these battles was to take place between the Inubini and the Bowan tribes, who regularly fought over this region. The battle would certainly be intense.

On the side of the Inubini was eishiba, who had chosen his Drapion to begin the battle. Even before the calamity that had brought the world to its knees, I had been afraid of Drapion, but Cuddles brought my terror to a whole new level. Pokémon who had survived the disaster and the events after it had to be the toughest of the tough – anything less had been driven to extinction. Cuddles bore the scars of many battles, having put her life on the line for her trainer many times during the battles he had gone into. Now she would fight again and she wasn’t going to hold herself back.

Against this fearsome opponent stood Lord Fedora, the leader of the Bowan tribe, and his Bouffalant, who was named Afro. The Bowan tribe originated in the southern part of Johto but were forced out of that area by a rival tribe. While they were on the move, Lord Fedora became their new leader, replacing one who had been killed in battle. The Bowan fled towards the Tohjo Mountains, and crossed them into western Kanto, where they managed to find land on which to settle. Fedora’s leadership and the power of his pokémon has kept the tribe and their land safe up until now, but nothing was certain now – the battle could go either way.

Round One


[Cuddles] Drapion (F)

HP: 100%
Energy: 100%
Condition: Eager for a fight to the death
Moves: Swords Dance ~ Poison Jab

Lord Fedora

[Afro] Bouffalant (M)

HP: 100%
Energy: 100%
Condition: Ready to defend his territory
Moves: Swords Dance/Iron Head ~ Earthquake

Cuddles and her trainer knew that the poisonous scorpion could do with a power boost before going into battle properly. She quickly went into a quick but brutal dance, which made blood pump quickly around her body and increased the amount of oxygen getting to the muscles. It also stretched out her muscles so that she could move more freely and with more power. A grin spread across her face as she looked at her freshly sharpened claws; she was now ready to go on the offensive, and there would be no stopping her once she did.

Afro wasn’t about to let his opponent get an advantage over him that easily. Before Cuddles knew it, the bull was doing a similar dance, practising some deadly attacks on one of the nearby trees. The scorched bark was ripped away by the Bouffalant’s powerful horns. By the time he finished his rampage, Afro was almost seeing red. He had worked himself up into a rage which had mainly the same effect as Cuddles’ dance. Everything was silent for a moment, and then the battle began properly.

Cuddles was the first to strike. Poison seeped from beneath her armour, coating her claws in purple venom. She surged forwards, hoping to catch Afro by surprise. The bull was too good for that though and immediately shifted into a defensive stance so that his horns would defend him from the charging scorpion. A glimmer of fear flashed across Drapion’s face but it was too late for her to stop the charge now – she had to finish the attack. Somehow, she managed to weave around the horns and hit the Afro under the chin. The blow she struck was powerful enough to push the Bouffalant up onto his hind legs. Cuddles pulled back from her victim, glad to see that there was now a red tinge on the ends of her claws. Her claws had penetrated Afro’s skin and the poison was now in his blood, where it could cause him serious problems over the next few rounds. Things were certainly seeming good so far.

But the round hadn’t finished yet. As Afro brought his front legs back down again, he channelled energy into them so that they began to glow. His hooves hit the dry ground hard, making it crack and shake. Cuddles shouted as she tumbled and fell but Afro remained firm. Cheers could be heard from the Bowan as the mighty Drapion fell on her side; they could tell that whatever had happened had caused significant damage.

However, it wasn’t enough to keep the warrior down for long; she quickly found her feet and stood to face her opponent. The two pokémon watched each other angrily, waiting for new orders. Afro twitched a little but otherwise managed to hide the harm being caused by the poison; he had to be strong if he was going to win this. The two tribes watched the battle avidly. Things were only going to get more exciting from here.


[Cuddles] Drapion (F)

HP: 84%
Energy: 90%
Condition: Desperate to carry on; +2 Attack

Lord Fedora

[Afro] Bouffalant (M)

HP: 87%
Energy: 85%
Condition: Not worried about the poison; +2 Attack; Poisoned

Swords Dance- (Drapion -3% Energy, +2 Attack)
Swords Dance- (Bouffalant -3% Energy, +2 Attack)
Poison Jab- (Rolled 3/10, 3 or less for poison; Drapion -7% Energy; Bouffalant -10% HP, poisoned)
Earthquake- (Bouffalant -12% Energy; Drapion -16% HP)
Poison- (Bouffalant -3% HP)

Arena Notes
The ground is quite soft in places

Team Notes
6 pokémon remaining
Lord Fedora
6 pokémon remaining

Sorry that there's so much preamble, but I really enjoyed writing this round.