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Default Re: National Park Encyclopedia

Befriending Wild Pokemon

Below are the rules and regulations Rangers must follow when allowing a Trainer to attempt to befriend a Wild Pokemon as opposed to battling it. If you have any questions please come and see either WinterVines or myself.
  • Befriending can only take place if the Trainer has demonstrated an incredibly high post quality consistently throughout their entire run. For this reason, the first five Encounters should not be befriending possibilities.
  • There may only be one attempted befriending per Expedition.
  • While a Pokemon is being befriended, the Trainer may continue to Encounter the other Pokemon on their list.
  • Rare and Special ranked Pokemon cannot be befriended.
  • The required MCR to capture a Pokemon through befriending is 1.5x their normal MCR.
  • Once the MCR has been passed, Trainers can attempt to capture the Pokemon. They still must use the correct ball. The Capture Rate is 50% + (10% for every 1000 characters over the MCR) - (20% if the Pokemon is fully evolved).
  • If a befriending capture fails, the Trainer can try again next post. There is no penalty for a failed attempt, however, if they spam attempts, the Ranger may choose to have the Pokemon leave.
  • If a Trainer runs out of Encounters and is still in the process of befriending, the Ranger rolls the capture attempt and then ends the Expedition, no matter whether the attempt succeeds or fails. If the Trainer has not yet earned the MCR, it will automatically fail.
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