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Default Re: Pokérus Empire ® :Tausend Jahre Pokérus Reich: -14/15-

Originally Posted by Six_Paths View Post
Not bad. Just got a laptop up and running despite the lack of a hard drive. Also, I finally have a suitable team in my Black. IV Breeding is ultra time consuming.
i'm not sure if you know but Lost Soul is the clan's best IV breeder. any questions about that he's got the 411 on.

on a odd note im enjoying some 420 when the funniest memory came about.

it turns out when i was at Knotts Scary farms this past halloween. there was a maze way in the back somewhere called "The Doll House" it was very badass it was themed obviously on a doll house . it had what looked like huge scary bunniers & dolls in 3D like colors and among all the halloween around i remembered seeing what looked like a ultra huge SkyShaymin plush it was not somewhere i could easily touch so i dont know if it was a real plush or if it was just a prop look alike either way it was a very good likeness..

Pokérus Empire