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Default Re: General Spriter's Showcase!

Guys, I'm going to have to ask you all to please crit each other's work. As stated by the rules/recommendations, you're meant to constructively criticise another person's sprite(s) if you're posting your own. It's to keep things fair and give everyone a chance to improve. If you didn't crit someone and help them, then what makes you think you're eligible to receive comments in return? Just remember, having things one-sided is unfair. ;]

Originally Posted by sealboyno1 View Post
I do like the Charizard/Blastoise fusion - the way you editted the shell so it would fit Charizard's body is done brilliantly! I would just say that the curved lines on the knee-caps make the legs seem a bit off - but that's just my opinion.

Cowardigon - The Torn Emotion Pokemon

Cowardigon is classically a cowardice Pokemon. However, underneath their shell of fear lies true strength matched by none other.

I just had to add the description xD So yeah - I scratched this and I'd just like some feedback so I can improve it. Thanks :)


I think you need to
a) Get a better, more spaced out palette (the shades are too close together)
b) Redo it in another pose. One that is interesting, and that can offer better shading possibilities (a better light source)
c) Determine your light source and reshade.

I think you could also improve the design by turning the head into a circle and working with it like that, changing the arms into shapes as well, then edit them from shapes. It's a great way to get a base for your sprite's design and pose. :D I like the idea, though. ^^ If you like, I can try to scratch a sprite for you and you can shade it or something. Just to show you another pose. A good thing to do is draw it on paper first, get the shapes right, draw inspiration from other pokemon to compare their anatomy, and then transfer it into a sprite by drawing it smaller. ^^

Originally Posted by 5TailedDemonLizard View Post
Also, just a few more sprites.


Marik took the longest (probably about half an hour...possibly more...). First time I've done a trainer that needed any kind of scratching for the hair, accessories, ect.
That first one... See the light yellow patches of shading (under one wing, to the side of the face, etc)? They don't seem to fit very well, especially given your light source. As a matter of fact, it actually makes the light source really confusing... You should at least get rid of the light shading next to its head, because that inverts the shading and it makes it look odd. Also, you reeeeeeally need some dark shading somewhere. You can't have the whole yellow body one shade. D: Even if you're using the shading/lack of shading from the original sprite, you need to add some on your own, because it's a bit wrong without it. Other than that, it's okay...I don't like the black with the yellow though, except for the zapdos tail. The black chest and the headpiece don't seem to fit very well with the burning wings.

I think the mew/Mewtwo is really cute. You should probably have shaped the tail to flow better, and so you can aim to have it curving in a more natural, nice way. ^^ You also should reshade the tail to fit the light source, since it seems to be coming from the left. You have to shade the bobble bit on the end of the tail with some light shading.

I like the trainer, but again, the light source is confuuuusing. Shading here, shading there... Where is your light source? Dx I know I've mentioned that for your other sprites too, but it's VERY important. It's what defines your shading. I think the torso bends a little strangely. You have the direction right, but it seems like it's flopping or something, as opposed to being more rigid, as the body is in a pose like that, and comparing with the very rigid legs. It's hard to explain. I like the rest of it, though. Although the light shade of black on the pants is too indistinguishable, and needs to be lighter. But yeah, good design. Just needs a little fixing. The eyes also seem a bit too far apart. Well, the one on the left (our left) needs to be further into the face, as it seems to close to the ear. At least, in comparison to official trainer sprites. Also, is it a guy or a girl? xD

Originally Posted by Daze View Post
Please crit

Party Llama (Scratch)

Gliscor/Ice (Retype)
I'm assuming...that the llama isn't meant to have qualities of a pokemon sprite? xD What's with the random dithering, though? I can see it without having to zoom in. Strange, man. I can't really crit this because I don't know what style it's meant to be in. xD It's amusing to look at, however.

This, I can crit. Now, a rule I have is that whenever you're doing an ice retype, you should never have balck outlines. Anywhere. Kudos for not having black outlines on the actual ice parts, but why do you have it on the skin? You should make that ice as well, no? Or, at least, the colours of ice, so that you don't have the painful contrast. Also, the blue outlines around the yellow of the eyes and the red of the mouth really does not work. It might if they were darker, and in my opinion, you need a darker shade to border the darker ice parts, because the outline colour you have now is too light to be a dark shading, and too dark to be a white-ish outline people use in ice drawings to show a proper outline, especially since ice doesn't have outline... Kind of like the regice in this picture: (I LOVE this picture, BTW. XD) Click! Also, I'm really not liking that middle blue that you used for the ice... It looks like a default Paint colour. Dx

Originally Posted by SeaFire View Post
I can do anything else but, I'm a noob at splicing sprites into "fakemon." Can someone help me with this one?

It looks like a growlithe crossed with a flareon...a little deformed. Dx The headshape is very peculiar. Especially the muzzle part. It seems to be like it's looking down, but it shouldn't. The muzzle is really oddly shaped; I would fix that up if I were you. What you should do is get all your lineart down, unshaded, then post it back here, and then we can help you shape it so you're happy with it, and then shade it. ^^ Also, the yellowy underside/belly part is really oddly placed. It looks like it's going back onto the hind legs, and I don't think it should be like that. Bring it forward more so it's confined to the belly area.

Originally Posted by superdude44 View Post
Ok! so, i've been gone for quite a while. Recently i've started my own adoptables site. it's lame because it's only a myadopts site, but I still enjoy running it and such, and it gives me great spriting experience. so, I started making some adoptables and anyway, my newest one is my favorite. Please C+CC
I'm not going to go into depth with this unless you want me to, and also because I have to go to bed soon (xD), but here are my main points:

a) The shading is very undefined. It needs a proper light source and possibly more shades.
b) The shades need to be much more defined (a.k.a. more definition--space out your shades so they don't blend so much).
c) The outlines. There's no shading whatsoever of them, which is not good--you need to shade it as you shade the inside parts. You also need black outlines. They are VERY helpful.
d) The pose is a bit flat. The legs look very flat, and the head seems to sink too far into the wings/top of the body. I also suggest making the beak a slightly different shape. xD And see how the grey outlines clash...a lot...with the brown of the body feathers? That is a sign that you need to lighten the brown or darken the outlines.
e) The wings are quite uneven. You need to heighten the one on the left, because it does not match the other one, and the shape is even different.

Suggestion: Look at a collection of pokemon and non-pokemon sprites of birds to observe their wing positions, where their legs are placed, and their heads, too. Take note of the shading styles as well; I would suggest looking back to at least the GBA sprites, which have the best shading, in my opinion, of any other pokemon sprites. They also have wonderful palettes.

Originally Posted by Gothita Lost Her Temper View Post

Here, I have a Torterra that I kinda made like a death-ish model of. I made it's spikes look like gravestones (or at least tried) and gave it Ghastly mist.

Also, this is my first-ever custom Trainer sprite, and I guess you could call it a gijinka sprite. I designed it like a Dratini, second-best Pokemon evar. (First best Pawniard, second Dratini, third Gothita. :3)
Oh, girl. Do. Not. Save. In. jpg format. PLEASE. IT ruins your sprites. And I can tell they've been saved in that format at first glance.

You didn't do much to this. You added some purple...okay...and recoloured the legs. And removed the leaves. So...what do you want crit on? I'm not trying to be rude, but really...all I can say is that you should probably take a look at some gastly sprites to see how the shadowiness is sprited, so that you can have a grasp of how to do them more effectively. If you were going for a more deathy look, you should recolour the eyes (and remove the pupils) red or yellow, use a bit of blood splatter, maybe saw into the tree trunk or take a chunk out of the leg or body, and recolour the entire sprite, not just the legs. :] AND. PLEASE. Save in png format. Dx Not jpg!

The shading is much too simple. The clothing doesn't look much like clothing, but more like slabs of colour. The white in the centre is too far up, and doesn't really resemble a dratini's pattern. The arm is in a weird place and the head looks like it's floating. You didn't really keep the shape of any kind of clothes; you need to create much more definition in the shape through freer lineart and more detailed shading, and you also need to make sure the proportions are right (such as getting the arm in a good place) and placing that white belly. Also, you shaded some of the white on the belly, but the blue under that is not shaded...which is very inconsistent, and doesn't make sense. The tail would have been better coming from underneath and twirling out, rather than sticking straight out to the right.

SO. *takes a breath* That took me no shorter than an hour to type up. I hope you're all happy for the crit I gave you. xD Sorry if any of it was harsh. I'm back after a long time of not being here, so I'm happy that you guys are still spriting... And happier to be able to give advice. Keep working at it; all of you have potential. If you listen to what I have to say, take it on board as me being helpful and wanting you to improve, and then work on those points I mentioned, then you'll start improving in no time, and hopefully you'll keep improving. :D If you need any clarification or further help, you can PM me or reply here. And remember, if you want someone to critique your work, please critique theirs as well. Love you spriters. <3

I've been playing a Nuzlocke challenge on Pokemon Blue lately, and I was inspired to make some Blue-like sprites. :D Just some pointers:

- I know the styles vary. But if you'll notice, there are a couple of different styles of sprites amongst Blue sprites
- They were coloured using palettes from existing Blue sprites
- Each are 100% scratched. :D

Everyone who's still stuck here, Pe2k is Dead. It's sad, but it happened. Instead, we moved to...

Pokemon Crossroads!
Pe2k's spiritual successor! :D I'm Suicune's Fire there.

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