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Default Re: [RP][All Inclusive]Perfectworld Phase One

Aarilyn DX4002

Like an uncoiling spring, Aarilyn abruptly jumped to her feet. Her eyes darted wildly around her surroundings, ears twitching as she heard her own startled cry rebounded densely off the tree trunks. Though her head swam from jerking out of unconsciousness so quickly, she kept every muscle in her streamlined body tense and ready to attack. Several moments of silence passed by before the Dewott allowed herself to relax… somewhat.

Her sapphire eyes continued to scan the forest as she waited for her thoughts to catch up with her. Firstly, she was aware that the forest seemed very strange to her. For some reason, she got the idea that she hadn’t been in many before. Truthfully, she felt out of place.

So… how in the blazes did she end up here?

“Tick, status report,” she spoke out loud, turning her head around. Seconds after those words left her mouth, she wondered why she had said them. Who was Tick? And what was this about a status report?

Baffled, the Dewott lifted her paw to scratch her head. She was surprised when her claws brushed up against metal. All the more confused, she felt her way around the object, trying to figure out what it was. The device was wrapped around her ear, and ran along her cheekbone. For a second, she thought about ripping it off, but then she wondered why she should. Was it supposed to be there?

Scowling, Aarilyn wracked her head for memories that would provide much needed explanations. To her frustration, all she was met with was a blank wall.

“All right, who’s been messing with my head?” the Dewott shot a challenge out to the trees. She doubted that anyone was listening, but she wanted to vent some of her anger. Without her memories, she felt vulnerable and… compromised. Someone had been tampering with her memories, and she didn't appreciate it.

She was going to get to the bottom of this.

For the first time, Aarilyn noticed a pair of yellowish sea-shells resting in the grass by her feet. Or, at least, she thought that they were shells. The longer she looked, the more they looked like something… more. They were thicker than what should be natural, and the edges were traced with iron and inset with white-glowing lights. Curious, Aarilyn scooped them up in her gray-furred paws.

She immediately liked how they felt in her grasp, almost like they were carved to fit perfectly to every curve in her paw. It felt… natural.

Spinning around, Aarilyn held the shells like guns in her hand, aiming them at an innocent tree. A high-pitched whistling filled the air, seconds before a white-hot burst of energy shot from the end of the Scallchops. The poor tree never stood a chance—the blast left an unsightly spot of charred bark on its trunk.

With a satisfied smirk, Aarilyn hooked the pair of shells onto her thighs. She was quite confident that the weapons were hers; it wasn’t much to go on, but she knew that these Schallcop guns were a vital part of her past. Maybe her memory would be restored in time, but she wasn’t going to wait around this blasted forest till then. Determined to solve this mystery, she picked up her feet and marched onwards.

It wasn’t long until the forest began to thin out, and she could see a village peering through the tree trunks at her.

Good, she grunted to herself with a nod. Perhaps someone there can tell me what the heck is going on.



Windflower frowned.

The forest was not as she remembered, but then again… She could not recall any memories of a prior forest. Nor what she was doing before. A curious thing, but Windflower did not let it bother her too much. For now, she would deal with what she could. She knew her name, which was a good thing. She knew she was a Braviary Calutawa—they-who-heard-the-spirits—and she knew how to defend herself with her bow and tomahawks. She could hunt, and she could track.

And, if needed, she could fly.

Being somewhere else didn’t cause her unease, for she knew she could handle herself well in most circumstances. If anything, she was merely curious how and why she had suddenly ended up somewhere else. As she walked between the shadows of the trees, she found that she didn’t mind this new forest. It was silent, and peaceful. Since arriving, she hadn’t come across any other signs of life. No tracks, no remains… That was a little worrying, she finally admitted. If she couldn’t find prey, how could she hunt?

Well, she would worry about that later. For now, she would enjoy this reflective walk.

Windflower glanced up to the skies, which were barely masked by the lush, green canopy. If she took to the air, she might get a better idea of where she was, and what this forest was like. A good idea, but the notion was left neglected as thoughts continued to flow through her mind, lapping like waves on the shore. She never dwelled on any specific one for too long, and instead allowed her eyes to meander through the sights the pleasant forest had to offer.

Eventually, the scenery began to change as the forest revealed to her a hidden village. Windflower paused in her wanderings, giving it a thoughtful stare. For a moment, she considered passing it by and continuing through the forest, but then again, she thought it might be useful to learn where she was at, at least. Perhaps the locals could give her some insight on what she might find in this land. It would probably be wise to learn about the local prey, as well, should they be different from what she was used to—er, whatever she was used to.

Tucking a loose strand of dark hair behind her pointed ears, she made her way towards the village.


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