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Default Re: Nexen [RP]

Allen Whiteflower, Shiba Set, and Argeno Balk
Deviant Tungz, Tattu, and Graphix
Just outside San Francisco, California(USA)
ARPers: Velocity(Daniel)

Where were they going? That was actually a really good question. Argeno shrugged, eyes still on the road. "Away from here, first of all. We'll get a more concrete plan in motion once we're relatively safe. Meaning a few towns away and in a different vehicle."

Shiba nodded at the answer, seeming to think for a moment. "There was a report of a Deviant hijacking Seattle's sound system earlier, maybe we'll try to hunt the mastermind down, or see if we can track down some old friends."

"There aren't too many Roses left in San Fran, Shiba, let alone outside of San Fran, no idea who you're planning on trying to find if we go that route. Only bright side to this is that I get to be of some use and help jack a car." Al spoke up thoughtfully.

"A van. If we're jacking something, I want a van where I can stretch out." Shiba spoke up, Argeno grimaced, he couldn't easily maneuver a van, but Shiba did have a point. With the way Deviants seemed to be suddenly popping out of the woodworks, they would need a bigger vehicle.

"Van it is then. Anyway, Daniel, got any questions or anything to put to us? I'm sure any of us is willing to offer answers within reason." Argeno asked simply, trying to start up a more interesting conversation.

Shiri Namida, Kari Penn, and Silverstreak Watermark
Umecit, Nexen
ARPers: Anyone involved with the fight against the Antitivity

Kari snorted as Veza mentioned wondering why it was that the guy in the hovertank had been so important to get rid of. "Obviously he's important and he was gonna get away. If he'd have gotten back to his higher-ups and told them about us, we'd all be screwed. Now, if it's a more personal motive, okay, but it's not like it would have affected all of us if we hadn't helped him get away, so it isn't as if we weren't helping to save ourselves as well." Shiri nodded, and then spoke up at the mention of a safer place to talk.

"Well, we'd offer up our home here, but I'm not sure everyone would fit there...anyone got any other ideas?" The pink-haired Siren asked, sounding almost cheerful, looking around at everyone in the group--it had expanded quite a bit from it's original number.

Ryza Hale and Nova Bard
WAE Graphix and Enginez
ARPers: Sabi(Adrian)

At first, Ryza had been focused on nothing more than the man across the table from her and how much he scared her--he didn't look right, he seemed different than the others, had that air that even if she tried as hard as she could, her twisted ability would never be able to touch him. However, as the objections to her appearance started, Ryza's attention went to how much she hated the men sitting around her. A time or two, her arms clutching both Cecil and her notebook to her twitched as though she had the urge to tear the sunglasses off her face and force the to stare into her eyes and drive them mad--completely and utterly mad. She would have loved to hear those same voices calling out against her screaming in pure terror from the twisted thing she showed them, but Nova reached over and grabbed her arm gently in warning.

It was unneeded, but very much welcome. She reminded herself that she had to endure, this was the only way she would ever be free of them, she had to keep hold of herself and prevent herself from getting away. She listened as the man she feared argued for her, though she still couldn't bring herself to not fear him, she thought he might be different from those who seemed to prevail in the WAE. If he didn't scare the absolute crap out of her, she might have actually liked him.

Then it was just her, Nova, and the guy who scared her. Nova let her go, but gave a soft "Be nice, Ryza..." in warning, not that she needed it. As Adrian came closer, she found herself clinging to her stuffed cat and sketchbook, unable to really move.

“Excuse them Ryza. They don’t understand everything.” He told her softly--what a laugh, she highly doubtd even he understood everything about her, how her life had never amounted much more than drawing frantically, making up a superhero that would save her from everything and praying that one day that superhero would come to rescue her, and even when what had bothered her before stopped, they came and ruined her head, scared her to death, forced her to live sandwiched in between six flat, white surfaces with a sketchbook and her stuffed cat, forced to get rid of the ones who came to torment her by reducing them to screaming messes.

There wasn't anyone on this entire planet that could understand everything about that but her, Ryza thought, and maybe one in that other world--that annoying Aerys...

By the time he offered to let her go outside for nothing but trying to track down other Deviants--one in particular, Ryza wasn't aure what she could say. She wasn't sure she wanted to go anywhere with him, he scared her into motionlessness, he had that mostly flat, emotionless voice that reminded her of tests and needles and pain... "I..." She said slowly, forcing the word out, and thrn looking to Nova, who looked back at her through the sunglasses. "If I go...can Nova come?" She didn't particularly like him, but suddenly Nova was the only thing familiar to her, the only constant that she thought she understood fairly well. If she was going to be with this man who scared her so much, she wanted something familiar and predictable with her.

"Sir, forgive her question, Ryza may be a bit...wary of new people at first due to her past. She isn't incredibly sociable considering she was rarely ever let out of her room and when she was, it was often for the scientists heading her experimentation to run more tests and experiments on her..." He glanced away from her, frowning as though the idea bothered him as much as it did her. "Please understand."

Ryza could do nothing but hold onto Cecil and her sketchbook and wait for an answer when Adrian answered his phone, then called another in.

OOC: No idea what to put for Thirteen and Aerys atm and I'm outta time anyway...

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