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Default Re: Replication;. {su//open.}

Name:: Calvin "Cal" Harrison

Age:: 19

Gender:: Male


Personality:: Cal is relaxed and laid-back. He'd rather be out having fun instead of doing what needs to be done, he is a procrastinator. He is patient and understanding. He enjoys all aspects of nature's beauty. He is open person who talks about anything and everything. He befriends people easily and is usually joking around. He is a humble and a forgiving guy. He enjoys working others and helping out. He easily changes his mind and opinions. He is strong-willed and very determined when he needs to be serious to accomplish things. He is the kind of person who can go up to some random stranger and talk to them about anything. He is very social. He is a bit selfish and ignorant at times, but he tries his best in all he does. He is a curious person and is loves to explore new places and new things.

History: Cal met Ky on his journey as a Pokemon Trainer, and they immediately became best friends. One day during an incident of a young boy drowning, Cal witnessed Ky transform before his eyes. She was covered within a whirlpool and she emerged as Kyogre, this shocked Calvin to his core. After the mess cleaned up, Ky told Calvin everything that had happened. He then vowed to help her in anyway possible. Not too long after this happened, they rescued Vincent Nova from a band of Pokemon Hunters. Turns out he was another legendary Pokemon in disguise, Victini. Calvin treats Vincent Nova like a younger brother and they play very well together. Even to play practical jokes on Ky.


Name: Willa
Species: Absol
Gender: Female

Name: Otella
Species: Noctowl
Gender: Female

Name: Rosetta
Species: Roserade
Gender: Female

Name: Darius
Species: Combusken
Gender: Male

Name: Lane
Species: Dragonite
Gender: Male

Name: Layla
Species: Skiploom
Gender: Female

Other:: He is Kylanne's best friend. I'm an avocado!!! :D
Credit to Lynchy Pokemon lives forever!

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