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Default Re: [SU/DS][All Inclusive] Perfectworld Phase One

Originally Posted by Charmander009 View Post
Oh, alrighty! We're almost through the first round! ^^

@ Grassy: So... Generations has, like, the older Sonic games or something? *clueless about Sonic-stuff*

Yikes, bladder cancer? Well, it's good that you caught it early then ^^ AND YAY EARLY CHRISTMAS GIFT! ^^ Glad to hear he's coming home :D

And, on a side note, I am currently having fangasms over the new KH:DDD trailers... SO MANY DREAMS COMING TRUE!!!
Generations has Sonic 1 in it that you can play, but...

It's the 20th anniversary game (Sonic's age isn't 20, though. I'd say 16? Although he sounds 20 with his new actor). They took old levels and remade them.

Green Hill Zone (Sonic 1), Chemical Plant Zone (Sonic 2), Sky Sanctuary Zone (Sonic 3), Speed Highway (Sonic Adventure), City Escape (SQUUUUEEEEE Sonic Adventure 2), Seaside Hill (Sonic Heroes), Crisis City (Sonic 2006 - the worst game even which nearly killed the franchise. Ironically it erased itself in the end, but the question is how it is here...?), Spagonia (Sonic Unleashed), and Planet Wisp (Sonic Colors) were all remade for this game.

The only game not present is Shadow the Hedgehog, which came after Sonic Heroes but before Sonic '06. As it is, Sonic isn't the hero in this (he's the most annoying helper in my opinion. "SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP - oh he died...OH GOD HE'S BACK" worthy). Instead we get MY favorite character as the hero. He he. (First Sonic game without his name in the title, and first game in the series to get a rating above E).

Fights and bosses were remade for this, as well as music. On top of that, Sonic teams up with his younger self - so we get the modern style of gameplay (Unleashed and up) with the classic style (Genesis era) and you can choose which. It was interesting seeing them change levels to fit each style.

City Escape is so much fun, and even better is that I have the game it came from so I could compare. That truck is evil and it haunts my nightmares.

This DLC will give me a pinball level based off of Casino Night Zone (Sonic 2) ;D PINBALL. And Sonic is the ball. I get to cause him pain. I AM HAPPY.

...Seriously. He needs to get hurt. I'm sadistic.

She's blabbing again >.>

Egads, I'm sorry. If you're confused about anything, just ask ^^' Long story short - Generations re-imagined and revisited previous titles. However, in my opinion it fell short of a 20th anniversary game. It had about 3 hours of story gameplay -.- But it's beautiful and many consider it Sonic turning around from the rut he's been in (bleh, I didn't think he was in one), that Sonic Team still has the ability to make a great game. Alas, they chose to release it the same week that Skyward Sword and Skyrim were so despite it selling really well, it could have sold better.

Kingdom Hearts is confusing @.@
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