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Default Re: [SU/DS][All Inclusive] Perfectworld Phase One

Originally Posted by Max0596 View Post

I just finished Portal 2, died once just to hear all the space core's quotes. Endless lulz util I looked up and my brother is standing there looking at me like I'm stupid. Then we both lol'd. On my birthday, they brought out the cake and I yelled out "THE CAKE IS A LIE!" in a room full of family. Basially; who knew that my grandparents play Portal? XD

Thank, I'll be sure to.

Stand-in position, still open. Wiiiide open, like the sky.
Lol, awesome.

I'm now a member of Xbox Live. That big hubbub over possibly needing Gold? I got a free 1 month trial anyway XD Got my codes in.

Sonic Theme sucks - it's just white with "Sonic Generations" on top and occasional levels in the background.

Super Sonic Costume is cute buuuuuut I'm not dressing my avatar in that (says the girl who went as Sonic for Halloween senior year AKA last year >.>).

I haven't played my pinball level yet, but...PINBAAAAAALL. You can't go wrong.

360 was making some odd noises though O.o' Hoping it was just from it being like "OMG I'm connected to Live?!?"

Bill is home, me so very happy. Helped him cook up dinner (didn't cry cutting up onions for once). Going to bed now actually.

I...Don't really want to take the stand in position for the sole fact that you have so many characters. But if no one else wants to take it, I can step in.

Behold Grassy's life summed up in a few measly, not well thought out sentences.

Shut up Shadow >.>
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