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Default Re: Christmas Event: Secret Santa

And now, it's time for everyone's favorite Velocity to post up who received what. We had a total of six participants.

1. sammy0295
2. White Knight
3. Myself
4. benmac
5. Dino
6. KantoBreeder

1 (sammy0295) receives 4's (benmac's) gift of a Seviper!

[-] Seviper (M)
Ability: Shed Skin
Signature Move: None

2 (White Knight) receives 6's (KantoBreeder's) gift of a Magmortar!

[Morgai] Magmortar (M)
Ability: Flame Body
Signature move: Terra Force
Electivire and Magmortar can learn Hyper Beam, they want to experiment with that move to form a more powerful move. Magmortar combines fire with Hyper Beam as one, he keeps Hyper Beam in ball shape and use Flamethrower to it to form a large ball. The ball was weaker than Hyper Beam, it is formed together with fire and they weaken each other. The ball is held by Magmortar, he then releases more fire from his cannon hands to the ball to make it larger and the ball will then be thrown to the target.
Type: Fire | BP: 100 | Accuracy: 95
Classification: Special
Energy Modifier: 3
Effect: The user charges the fire ball for an action, and launches it to the enemy the next action. Has 30% chance to burn the target (target = BRN).
Other than Single Battle, this move can be combined with Gaia Force, and in that case, the power of these two moves is combined with 100% accuracy and is sure to inflict burn and paralyze the target (target = BRN + PAR). Combination attack type = Fire/Electric. Both users recharge (1 action) after performing the combination attack.
Usage Gap: Once per two rounds

(Darn you, you lucky dog)

3 (Me!) receives 2's (White Knight's) gift of a Scizor!

[Scissor] Scizor (M)
Abilty: Technician
Signature Move: None

4 (benmac) receives 1's (sammy0295's) gift of a Lickilicky!

[Erny] Licklicky (M)
Ability: Own Tempo
Signature Move: N/A

5 (Dino) receives 3's (my own) gift of an Eevee!

[Veekun] Eevee (F)
Ability: Adaptability
Signature Move: None

6 (KantoBreeder) receives 5's (Dino's) gift of a Bagon!

[Wyv] Bagon (F)
Ability: Rock Head
Signature Move: None

Don't forget to register your Pokemon in the HQ! Hope you like your gifts! Have a fantastic Christmas! :D
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Thanks, Speed and Dino and also Speed! :D