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Default Re: Temporal Diamond vs Sabi

Round Three

Saraibre Ryu

[Vudu] Claydol (X)

HP: 42%
Energy: 73%
Condition: Feeling like a target; +2 Speed
Moves: Guard ~ Protect

[Artex] Archeops (M)
HP: 80%
Energy: 75%
Condition: Ready to rumble; +1 Attack, +1 Accuracy
Moves: Taunt ~ Stone Edge

Temporal Diamond

[Volk] Galvantula (M)

HP: 64%
Energy: 72%
Condition: Cheered up by his foes’ distress; +1 Accuracy
Moves: Thunder/Bug Buzz ~ Bug Buzz

[Chandelite] Chandelure (M)
HP: 78%
Energy: 79%
Condition: Pretty happy
Moves: Trick Room/Shadow Ball ~ Will-o-Wisp/Shadow Ball

Tendrils of fog curled in around the battlefield, obscuring the vision of all four battlers. However, they weren’t put off by the lack of visibility – it would make things more difficult for all of them, but they were confident that it wouldn’t cause them too much trouble.

Vudu decided to kick off the round with a defensive move; it moved through the darkness and the fog to stand in front of Artex, who hovered behind it. The ancient bird seemed reassured by the doll’s presence – he knew that he would be safe as long as the doll was there to protect him.

However, while his partner was defending him, the Archeops knew that he had to help the cause in a different way. He began to hurl insults at the opposing team, especially Chandelite. He yelled at the lamp, accusing him of being a coward because of her early transformation into an ethereal state. Unfortunately, the abuse did its job and the Chandelure was soon incredibly angry. He flew right of the handle and went into a nearly uncontrollable rage. Artex just smirked – his job was done.

But now it was time for the pokémon he had been taunting to show him the fruits of his labour. First of all, electricity crackled in Volk’s fur, giving a bit of light to Temporal Diamond’s team for the time being. The charge built up and built up, until the bug’s body could barely contain it all. Then it burst out, leaping out in the general direction of where Artex’s voice had been. However, the fossil’s powerful defender blocked the attack and discharged it harmlessly to the ground. Volk chattered angrily, sensing that nothing had come of his attack; hopefully he’d be able to make up the time later.

And if he couldn’t, maybe Chandelite could. The flames on his branches flickered in time with the candles around the edge of the arena as she focused on tuning into her scary, ghostly side. She knew that there was no chance of her being able to keep calm long enough to twist the field to her advantage, so she decided to channel her energy into breaking down her opponents. Dark energy swirled, mixing with the fog to form a sinister looking orb. An evil sounding cackle rang, making everyone, including the Chandelure’s teammates, jump. The lamp shot off the ball of darkness, laughing as he did so. It shot through the fog like a rocket. Vudu watched it approach and knew that it had no choice other than to take the hit. It shifted its weight and braced itself for the impact. The ball impacted and knocked the giant doll to the ground – despite putting a lot of effort into resisting the attack, Chandelite’s malevolence was too much for it. A lot of damage had been done.

Trying not to focus on the pain, it began to prepare a shield around its broken body. Green energy swirled in the fog, creating a dome of light, which surrounded the old monster. Unlike Claydol’s body, the dome was unbreakable, so it was perfect to protect the damaged artefact for a little while. Vudu closed his eyes peacefully – he was safe.

Artex watched his friend, clearly worried by the beating it had taken. He was glad that it had decided to wrap itself in a protective cocoon; it would be sure to draw enemy fire now that it was weakened so much. Meanwhile, the Archeops would be left to try and beat off both opponents on his own. A little daunted by this, he decided that he needed to get on with it as soon as possible. Sweeping through the fog, he smashes part of the wall with his tail. He then channels energy into the broken pieces of stone, making them levitate around his body in rings. He fired off the stones into the fog a few at a time, hoping that he’d manage to hit something. His efforts were rewarded when he heard the sound of a screaming spider. Almost laughing with relief, he shot off the rest of the stones in the direction of the sound. Volk barely even saw them coming; the pointed stones bit into his skin, drawing blood from beneath his yellow hair. Anger fills his mind. He doesn’t care who hit him, he was going to get revenge quickly.

He began to rub his front legs together, making an irritating buzzing sound. The sound waves spread out into the fog towards where the Galvantula hoped that Vudu was. Unfortunately, although he was correct about where his opponent was, the Claydol’s shield was easily able to block out the annoying sound. Vudu didn’t even notice that it was being attacked. Volk continued the attack for a couple of moments out of sheer desperation before deciding that it really was useless and giving up. Maybe his teammate would have more success.

Chandelite hadn’t run out of malevolence and rage just yet. He had been gathering more dark energies from the area. Being the grounds of a haunted castle, this arena had a plentiful store of energy which a ghost could use as they wished. The energy was now swirling around the lantern’s translucent body, almost obscuring it completely. After gathering more than enough energy for the time being, he begins to compact it as much as possible to form the familiar ball of darkness and evil. The ball rockets through the mist like its predecessor, but only manages to hit Vudu’s shield and fizzle out of existence. Chendelite screamed in annoyance. He had hoped to finish the Claydol off with that move. Nevertheless, everyone knew that it wouldn’t take much to push him off the edge now – it was only a matter of time.

Saraibre Ryu

[Vudu] Claydol (X)

HP: 14%
Energy: 67%
Condition: Feeling like his time’s nearly up; +2 Speed

[Artex] Archeops (M)
HP: 80%
Energy: 60%
Condition: Hoping that he can keep down both his opponents; +1 Attack, +1 Accuracy

Temporal Diamond

[Volk] Galvantula (M)

HP: 31%
Energy: 53%
Condition: Feeling a little useless; +1 Accuracy

[Chandelite] Chandelure (M)
HP: 78%
Energy: 67%
Condition: Incredibly frustrated; Taunted (2 more actions)

Guard- (Claydol -6% Energy)
Taunt- (Rolled 2/3, 4 actions; Archeops -6% Energy; Chandelure taunted)
Thunder- (Rolled 23/100, 60 or less to hit; Galvantula -11% Energy)
Shadow Ball- (Rolled 4/100, 90 or less to hit; rolled 5/5, 1 for stat drop; Critical Hit; Chandelure -5% Energy; Claydol -28% HP)
Protect- (Claydol -8% Energy)
Stone Edge- (Rolled 35/100, 94 or less to hit; Archeops -9% Energy; Galvantula -33% HP)
Bug Buzz- (Rolled 50/100, 90 or less to hit; rolled 3/10, 1 for stat drop; Galvantula -8% Energy; Blocked by Protect)
Shadow Ball- (Rolled 82/100, 90 or less to hit; rolled 3/5, 1 for stat drop; Chandelure -5%; Blocked by Protect)
Phase Shift- (Chandelite -2% Energy)

Arena Notes
Fog- (Rolled 2/100, 20 or less for fog)
Fog is in effect