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Default Re: Realm of Nightmares [SU/DS]

Name: Ashley Gilbert

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Personality: Ashley is kind-hearted, very spirited and energetic girl, which sometimes clashes with the more stoic group members. Ashley can act child-like and playful in many ways when the moment is necessary. She tries to maintain a positive outlook and often refers to gloomy or annoying people as "boring people". Her cheerful outlook often makes a stark contrast, however, when she is sad or upset and despite her outwardly happy exterior, she seems to carry some insecurities, particularly when it comes to her own future.

These insecurities sometimes cause her to act jealously towards those that know their path or have obtained what they want out of life. When Ashley has to be serious though, she puts her child-like personality far back behind her and is ready for a fight. Once you get her mad, she lashes out like an uncontrolled tornado. Ashley is the kind of person that no one should mess with, because she will continue to fight until she wins. She appears very sweet and seductive on the surface, but her personality could change in an instant into someone who was impulsive and, at times, not very nice. Ashley only shows this side of herself though when she is around people she doesn't like, so most of the time she is a sweet girl.

Ashley's most prominent features though include her prodigious intellect and cleverness. She is levelheaded, book-smart and is very good with logic. She is often bossy yet unfailingly dutiful and loyal to her friends—a person that can be counted on. Ashley is the kind of person that never strays off the path; she always keeps her attention focused on the job that must be done. Despite Ashley's intelligence and somewhat bossy attitude, Ashley has quite a lot of vulnerability in her personality, as well as a sense of insecurity underneath. She feels utterly inadequate, and to compensate, she tries to be the best at everything she does, projecting a false confidence that can irritate people.

Another personality Ashley has begun to show is depression however, her body shutting down due to the lack of sleep from her nightmares. Her nightmares has caused her to change into a newly Vampire, which is causing her fear as well since she has only been a Vampire for a little over three months. The limitation of the sunlight is beginning to put a strain on her personality as well, the young brunette not being able to step into the sunlight without getting burnt. This limitation from the daylight of the world is beginning to bring nothing but pure darkness in Ashley's heart.

Race: Vampire


Ashley has dark brown perfectly straight hair that goes down her back halfway. The front of her hair goes down about two to three inches passed her chin, so she doesn't have any bangs, and she parts it slightly to the left. She has light olive colored skin, with no flaws at all. Ashley's eyes are a very dark brown with a few black thin lines going through them like lightning bolts. Once you look into her eyes, you can't take your eyes away from hers'. Ashley stands at 5'3 and weighs about 115 pounds, having a slender body. She has straight white teeth, which gives her a really pretty smile. People always say that she has to be one of the prettiest teenage girls they have ever seen. Ashley wears a pink necklace that is shaped like a butterfly. On her right wrist she wears a silver chained bracelet with a blue key that dangles on the bottom of her right wrist.

History: Could I combine Ashley's and Jeremy's together?

Ashley and Jeremy were born in the same town and were raised there all of their lives, living in the same exact house for all those many years. Ashley and Jeremy were always home schooled however, the two siblings never attending a high school dance or even a glorious prom. With their high grades and both twins receiving a full scholarship they are currently attending the same high class collage but for different degrees; Ashley studying writing to become an Paranormal writer and Jeremy being a professional swimmer. The two siblings thought that they had perfect lives; a full ride for college, living in their own campus dorms and living life to the fullest with college parties after parties, but everything has come to an abrupt halt as nightmares begin to invade the twin's minds.

Ashley and Jeremy are in the third college semester, but towards the beginning of the first semester was when Ashley had started experiencing the horrific nightmares. The young brunette would wake up screaming from them, which would cause her roommate Caroline to awaken from her sleep. The two girls would talk about it with each other, hoping that the nightmares would go away soon. The nightmares never went away however, wounds beginning to appear on Ashley from her nightmares. After a few weeks Jeremy and Caroline began to have them as well, the group not knowing how severe their lives were being threatened.

At the very end of the first college semester Jeremy woke up with a severe sharp pain going along his chest, bringing him to quickly take off his shirt and look into the mirror in his dorm. To his complete shock, four deep gashes were slashed across his chest in perfect lines; at that moment Jeremy realized what had happened. Not too long later Ashley found herself engulfed in darkness as she was trapped in a nightmare, the brunette being trapped for far too long before finally waking up. When she woke up however, her life was changed forever...

Ashley had awakened as a Vampire, not being able to walk in the sunlight as blood lust began to quickly control her. When realizing what had happened Ashley ran away from the college as to not hurt Caroline or Jeremy, separating herself from the world as she tried to learn the lifestyle of a Vampire, to which she couldn't even find was possible. She forced herself to only live off of human blood pouches, using the months to gain control of herself so she could return to college and take night classes as she slept during the day in her's and Caroline's dorm with the curtains of the windows being closed at all times and having the ends taped to the wall so no sunlight could enter.

Greatest Fear(s): Darkness, Sharp Objects and Fire

Other: nope XD

RP sample: :)

Name: Jeremy Gilbert

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Personality: Jeremy is pretty much the ladies man. His good looks always seems to get him into trouble of some sort with girls. Jeremy can be pretty cocky at times and tends to get on people's nerves. His number one priority though is to keep an eye on his twin sister Ashley and protect her from any harm that should ever come her way. He would die for Ashley if he had to. A lot of the times when Ashley meets a boy and if Jeremy doesn't like him, then he will pretty much scare off the boy, which doesn't bother Ashley that much because she's always a magnet for scumbags. People don't want to mess with Jeremy because once you get him mad, all hell will break loose. If you're on his good side though, then he can be a fun loving guy who likes to joke a lot.

Jeremy can have quite a few different personalities towards different people though. If you catch Jeremy's bad side, he can come across as being quite arrogant at times. He is said to possess sociopathic tendencies, being absolutely charming one minute and extremely dangerous the next, showing no remorse for hurting people who have done something to make him mad. Jeremy enjoys toying with people and causing grief to those around him who he think deserves it. If you're on his good side though, Jeremy appears to be a little distant towards some people, though generally polite. He does his best to control his emotions most of the time. His sister, Ashley, is able to stir him to rage quite easily though if she wanted to, but she isn't that kind of person. People just have to be careful to not get on his bad side. If they stay on his good side, then everything will be peaceful.

Race: Human


Jeremy has dark brown medium long hair that he pushes to the right side of his head. He has light olive colored skin with pretty much no flaws at all, just like his sister. Jeremy's eyes are a very dark brown, almost like a black. If you look straight into them, they can become very hypnotizing. Jeremy stands at 6'2 and weighs about 200 pounds, having a slightly muscular body. He has straight white teeth just like his sister, which gives him a good smile as well. Jeremy always wears his sky blue sea shell necklace that his old girlfriend Bonnie gave to him while she was on a trip to the Bahamas.

History: In Ashley's if that's okay

Greatest Fear(s): Spiders, Losing Ashley and Caroline

Other: nope XD

Name: Caroline Forbes

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Personality: Caroline is a loyal, supportive friend, someone who would do anything for those she cares about. Caroline is fiercely protective and will always help someone who needs her. She is also fun-loving and popular, though she appears to have a tendency to worry a lot, especially where Ashley’s and Jeremy’s family are concerned.

Another personality Caroline has is that she’s the kind of person who uses her looks to get what she wants. Caroline is described as being very beautiful, which darkens others with thirst and lust for her. She has natural blonde hair and bright sapphire eyes that also darken people with thirst for her. Sometimes Caroline can be seen cool and cold by her appearance. She is portrayed as rather vain about her looks, and has no problem using her beauty to get what she wants. Caroline does care about others, but only if she’s close with them like Ashley’s and Jeremy’s family. She will do everything that she can to make sure she gets what she wants as well.

Also being brazen and brave, Caroline is strong and determined much like her own mother. She is extremely loyal and protective of her friends. She also has a sensitive and loving nature as well. In the start of her teen years, despite having a confident exterior underneath it all, Caroline was just insecure. Caroline felt a recurring sense of insecurity. That tended to make her an overachiever at times, creating flaws and complexities in her personality, leading to various matters that factor into her development as she overcomes them. Especially when it came to Ashley, as she always felt she was in Ashley's shadow. Overtime, she and Ashley grew much closer, and Caroline overcame these insecurities and became more confident in herself. Now that Caroline is older she sees the world in a different light, and she matured as well. She became much more strong-willed; Caroline became much more responsible and protective.

Race: Human


Caroline is naturally beautiful. She has waves of blonde hair and bright blue eyes that are framed by long, dark eyelashes. She has lovely features and a slender figure. As Caroline has gotten older her style has changed dramatically, from a girly style to a more natural look, almost considered tomboyish. When she was a little younger, Caroline dressed very girly and wore bright colors with different hairstyles to suit her outfits. As she progressed as a woman, Caroline's style has changed dramatically; she stayed more natural. Caroline’s skin is a little on the paler side, but it’s absolutely flawless and beautiful. Her bright blue eyes stand out the most, them being a piercing sapphire blue. She stands at 5’4 and has a slender body.

History: Due to living in a Military family, Caroline constantly moved around with her parents while being an only child. She has moved to many states in the United States and even lived in a few different countries, the young curly haired blonde being home schooled as well. Like Ashley and Jeremy, Caroline had applied for a full ride Scholarship and had received it, the young blonde finally staying put in a college as a freshman and rooming with Ashley. Caroline found herself jealous of Ashley however, but when Ashley's nightmares started, Caroline and Ashley grew closer with one another and became bestfriends; sisters really.

Soon after Caroline began to experience the deadly nightmares for herself a wound appeared on her face; the wound was so deep that she was rushed to the hospital. After hundreds of stitches to close the wound and after it had healed over time, a large scar is clearly visible now that goes from the top right corner of her forehead and down to the top of her right eye, and then curves around her eye and travels down her cheek, the scar ending at the tip of her chin. This scar that Caroline has is a constant reminder that the nightmares that her and her friends are going through are more than just nightmares, and the fact that Ashley has turned into a Vampire brings so many questions about what they are actually dealing with and if they stand even the slightest chance against it...

Greatest Fear(s): Drowning and Fire

Other: Nope XD

I hope that's good enough. Let me know if I need to change anything :)
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