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Default Re: Nexen [RP]

OOC: Ouch, My group has a loooooooooong drive ahead. XD Google maps says 6 hours and 42 mins estimated drive time... Yeah, there will be a side-of-the-road car jacking somewhere.

Allen Whiteflower, Shiba Set, and Argeno Balk
Deviant Tungz, Tattu, and Graphix
I-80, California(USA)
ARPers: Velocity(Daniel)

Shiba smiled at the boy encouragingly, he looked like he was slowly drowning in all the information they'd just dumped on him. "I know, sounds kinda crazy, huh? I joined up after living on the street for years with my brother, and we had to fight for everything we had. When Grim told me 'You're in, no need to fight me to join,' I thought it was crazy... What I'm trying to say is this--I know what it feels like to be the odd one out," she tried to reassure him. Moments later, the boy spoke up, holding up a mechanical pencil and shook it to show it was empty before asking if anyone had lead. Argeno laughed softly in response.

"I said I was a graphix, didn't I? However I don't have lead, just normal pencils, if you don't mind--more sturdy and they're better for shading and such," he replied before tilting his head slightly towards Shiba. "Dear, would you mind getting him a pencil outta my bag?" he asked Shiba, who nodded, reaching over and shoving her hand into the brown messenger bag wedged between her legs and Argeno's. She dug around for a moment before pulling out a plain number 2 pencil and handed it to Daniel.

"There you go," she murmured before stiffening.

/Little Shiri says that Al is asleep, so I should contact you. Anyway, if you can get to a junk yard Grants Pass, you guys might have some help with the car problem, and you might meet some others like you,/ her Sona informed her Deviant politely, Shiba sighed.

/That's a good ways, I think, but we might as well try. Not like we have anything better to do,/ Shiba replied, a soft laughed filled her head.

/And you know you want to meet more Deviants,/ Kari tacked on. /The more the--/ her message was cut off in a massive flood of surprise.

"Kari? Kari!" Shiba had to stop herself from jerking forward in her seat, Argeno's hands tightened sharply on the steering wheel and he nearly swerved, seeming to have been blindsided with the same surprise and Shiba's gasp.

"What's going on?" Argeno asked, voice tight.

"I don't know, Kari was telling me something about Grants Pass and how we might get help there, and then she hit me with this feeling of surprise..." Shiba shook her head. /Kari? Dangit, Kari, answer me!/ her mind practically screamed, searching out her Sona in panic.

/I...well... A car might not be the only thing they can help us with.../ finally came the weak response.

Shiri Namida, Kari Penn, and Silverstreak Watermark
Umecit, Nexen
ARPers: Anyone involved with the fight against the Antitivity

"You mind relaying that info about Grants pass to Shiba, Kari? I think Al's asleep," Shiri said before looking to Gesser and smiling. "Thank you, hopefully they can get there without much issue."

It was while Kari was relaying information to Shiba that Veza started speaking about who she was. Sure, a crazy story was to be expected--they all had their fair share of those. But not the complete insanity that spilled from the Sona's mouth. She could have said anything, but the moment she said "I’m the Sona that broke free from WAE,” the three Sonas exploded. Shiri's entire form entire form shivered and became clear for a moment before she was shouting.

"You're what?!" She shouted in unison with Kari as Silverstreak's head jerked free from Kari's face. Possibilities flooded the minds of all three, but mostly the possibility of reclaiming those lost to their Deviants and themselves. To Shiri, what stuck out most, was the idea that she could save Al, the possibility that they could free her brother and sister, maybe even her parents, if any of them were still alive and give Al back the life she should have had. Could give back everyone the lives they should have had, lives with color and art, and music, everything... The possibilities were staggering.

And now suddenly, there was a reason to believe possibility could become reality.

Ryza Hale and Nova Bard
WAE Graphix and Enginez
ARPers: Sabi(Adrian) and Velocity(Teri)

Behind her sunglasses, Ryza's eyes narrowed at Teri as she spoke of wanting to interrogate some twelve year-old Tungz kid, talking down about the poor kid and downplaying his abilities as though the kid were complete trash. Her hand was halfway to her sunglasses before Nova caught it with a soft "Ryza!" as reminder. She made a soft growl as she pushed down the urge to fight Nova and snatch off the glasses to challenge Teri's ability to withstand her own twisted gift.

"I'd drop that confidence of yours. It leads to rather twisted things, in my own experience," the girl said softly, a gentle smile twisting on her lips. "The scientists who worked on me were confident that they could bend my powers to their will, and in that twisted them so much that I ended up as what I am today. Now many of them refuse to come near me because the powers they bent have twisted so much that suddenly what they sought to control was being used against them. Nova knows, I got tired of listening to him talk once, and so he got to see my eyes." The scientist visibly shuddered at the memory, but still held her hand in his own. "We get along now, but he also doesn't try to interrogate me." Nova bit the inside of his cheek, glancing down at the shorter girl. He wondered how Adrian would take this comment, as Ryza sounded quite unstable at the moment, and then he wondered just how much more it would take to totally set her off. However, Adrian gave Teri permission to interrogate the deviant anyway.

“I will have to do something about those scientists…they attempted to restrain and manipulate something they feared…only to have it work the other way around,” he mused, Ryza tilted her head to the side ever so slightly.

"They did not fear me at first, I believe. Once upon a time, I could talk to people eye-to-eye without making them scream like madmen. Now that's all I can do, because of them...I think they were trying to influence the other piece of me--a Sona? I think that's what they're called? I don't know how it worked out." Nova thought of the image of a cute girl with long blonde hair and blue eyes, wearing a seafoam colored dress and smiling, the same girl he'd seen Ryza draw so many times before. He remembered the images of destruction the girl committed on Ryza's bad days that Thirteen had sent him... They had only succeeded in screwing both of them up. It was like their abilities were defense mechanisms developed to protect the two; Ryza's kept people away from her and Aerys's was an attempt to protect her Deviant, as she had been created to do in Ryza's mind. It had gone horribly.

Then Adrian brought up some kind of mission for them in Japan, saying that he wished for Nova to keep working with the girl so long as Ryza wanted the same thing. Suddenly Nova's grip on her became her grip on him, and she pulled herself from his grasp to cling to his arm. "I'm not sure that anyone else could deal with her, honestly... But Japan, sir? Is sending Ryza out for missions so soon really such a good idea? Her stability is fragile, as you can see... I mean, what would she be doing, I'm not sure getting her to work with others would be easy..." Nova spoke up, Ryza piped in then.

"I don't appreciate being singled out for what I was made," the girl said sharply.

Aerys and Thirteen
Wandering through Enfin
ARPer's: None, atm

Aerys squirmed next to her, and Thirteen sighed. "Aerys, are you going to be okay? It seems like they're really aggravating your Dev'" the vampire asked, looking to the blonde beside her. Aerys was twitchy, flexing her hands and pulling at her hair, ll while letting out small whines from time to time. It was really starting to make the vampire nervous--she really didn't need the Guardian flipping out and bringing all of Enfin down on top of them.

"Aggravating, just aggravating. Not hurting her, but it's still hard not to be bothered by it...she really want to strangle one of them, and she's afraid of the other, but he keeps saying things that provoke her. Your Dev's doing a good job of trying to keep her from losing it or doing anything she'd regret, though... And something about Japan--she doesn't know where Japan is... Do you know?" Aerys asked, tugging on a bit of her hair.

"No, and I'm not going to ask Nova, ei--" She cut off, turning around to stare down the tunnel after them, then inhaled sharply. "I knew it," she muttered under her breath.

"Thirteen?" Aerys asked, the Vampire shook her head. Thirteen then took a step forward, to which a sudden scrabbling sound erupted in the narrow corridor, like something was frantically trying to get away from them. Aerys gasped, but Thirteen wasn't going to let their pursuer get away--in a flash, the Sona was halfway down the corridor when she leaped into the air, twisting as though to grab something, and then hung in the air for a moment as though she actually had caught something. Aerys watched in confusion as Thirteen swung a foot into the air, which struck the air with the sound of a boot contacting flesh and a cry of pain before she fell to the tunnel floor, fighting with a suddenly there humanoid chameleon-like Sona.

"Who sent you?! Who sent you?!" The vampire snarled as she fought with the other Sona, who was letting out nothing but yelps and cries.

"Obviously no one after us specifically," Aerys said calmly, joining the fight to reach down and pluck the chameleon away from Thirteen and into the air. "They would have known to send something more stealthy, considering we both have fairly good senses when I'm not flipping." Thirteen shoved herself off the ground and into the other Sona's face.

"Who?" she snarled, "Talk now, or you're going to hurt a LOT more than you already do." The chameleon let out a wild squeak and struggled in Aerys's grasp, but she wasn't letting go. At the threat of a raised fist from Thirteen, the chameleon started talking.

"Don'tkillme, ohpleasedon'tkillme,pleasepleaseplase--The Engineer heard there were wanderers in Enfin, I was sent to find out what their intentions were!" It blurted out, eyes rolling wildly.

"Oh, really? Then I want to meet this Engineer character," Thirteen said. The chameleon's jaw dropped and it went pale.

"Ohno, ohnoohnoohno, I can't!"

"Yeah you can, and you will, unless you want to die." Thirteen smiled and drew one of the daggers sheathed at her side. "Aerys, drop him. Either he leads us to this character, or he dies," she said almost conversationally. Obediently, Aerys dropped the reptilian Sona. Thirteen smiled and met the Sona's wild eyes, "Now, start walking. No funny stuff, it's annoying, and it really doesn't work when you're dealing with a vampire," she told him. Wearily, the chameleon got up, still pale, and began walking, shaking and muttering the entire time.

OOC: Ugh, I don't really like that last bit, but I need to get Aerys and Thirteen somewhere and I was running out of time. XD

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