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Default Re: [RP][All Inclusive]Perfectworld Phase One

Skylar "Sky" Boschtallen, Shenz, and Anna Atoli

“HELLOOOOOO RECRUITS!” It seemed that the voice made everyone jump awake simultaneously. Sky nearly slammed her head on the side of her ball-like enclosure. Everything about this was rubbing her the wrong way. Something told her that she didn't like being in an enclosed space like this.

“Here’s the deal. I don’t know what you can do, and don’t want to learn from personal experience, so you’re in spheres. We’re going to run some tests, and it’ll be fun. I swear by it. Each one is…fairly basic, so you should have no trouble getting through it. You know when I said ‘I don’t know what you can do’? That was a lie. We have your memories, remember?” Something told her that she really didn't like tests or the way the woman was talking, either. Once glance at Shenz showed her he didn't like a single bit of it either--his body trembled and a soft snarl escaped his lips. He's trying to stay human, she thought, yet she didn't quite understand how she knew that was why his body was trembling.

"Shenz," She warned, struggling to sound calm. Somehow she also knew that if she let him know how much this bothered her, he would only get worse. In a ball just behind Shenz, Sky noticed a girl with wild blonde hair, pink ribbon hanging halfway out of it looking at her blankly, as though the girl saw something beyond the odd girl's appearance. To be totally honest, it kind of creeped her out.

“Each chamber will test you and you only. Testing beginning in 3…2…1…” The apparent leader's words drew Sky's attention back to her like a slingshot being released. They were going to be tested apart? Oh--

Then the floor dropped out from under her and she had other things to worry about.


She stopped herself from hitting the ground without thinking--well, apart from I really don't want to hit the ground, anyway. She lowered herself to the floor gently, aware that there were no strings attached to her body. This is what they made me, this is what I can do, she though as she sat up and looked around the room the now found herself in. Suddenly a sharp curse flew from her lips. "Those dirty, underhanded, low-life..." the list of insults carried on, but they were not so important as the reasons for them were--Sky found herself in a windowless, metal-walled cell.

She hated cells, but this thought was interrupted by the crackle of a speaker in one corner of the room's ceiling. "ESCAPE THE CELL AND EXIT." Sky glared at the corner the sound came from.

"And how do you propose I do that?" She snapped in growing aggravation.

"USE YOUR BRAIN." Immediately at at end of it's sentence, that speaker gave a screeching feedback before falling silent and dropping out of it's slot in the ceiling, overhead wires sparking on occasion as Sky moved about the room, knocking on the walls and listening. After making two full rounds, the failed Gardevoir morph promptly sat down and stripped off one of her shoes before retreating to the opposite side of the room and cocking back her arm, shoe in hand, like a baseball pitcher and reaching for the power she had reached once before to keep herself from hitting the floor. However, this time she packed psychic power behind the flying shoe as she hurled the thing at the wall with as much force behind it as she could possibly put behind it.

There was an earth-shattering bang as the shoe collided with the wall, and then the wall tilted and fell backward...

Sky had her hands over her ears for the bang that created, and she was glad she did, as the floor shook under her feet and she heard a bit of the sound even though her hands blocked out a good bit of it. The fallen bit of wall had a decent sized dent in in, at least as wide as a basketball and pushed back a bit from the rest of the metal, Sky guessed the dent was about a half inch deep at the deepest point. "Huh, cheap, break-away wall rather than a real one...dang, did they think I wasn't worthy of a real wall or something?" she asked aloud as she edged her way around the downed wall.

Walking a little further along, she found herself staring at a pane of glass that blocked off the entire hallway. "Oh, come on, you have got to be kidding me," she muttered, looking for a way around it. Sky knew she could hit the wall and shatter the glass, but she really didn't feel like getting herself cut up in the process. However, another solution presented itself in the form of a thought that was so fleeting she wasn't sure where it came from. She looked at the area beyond the glass, focused on it so hard the images seemed to blur before her…that was when she closed her eyes and took a step forward, then another, and another after that. After she’d taken enough steps that she was sure she should have run into the glass by now, Sky opened her eyes and turned around. The glass wall blocking the hallway was behind her, fallen wall on the other side. “I can really teleport…or walk through walls…that’s pretty awesome…” she found herself admitting with a sly smile. Turning back around, she found herself standing in front of a door.


He wanted to rip something to shreds when he heard the word 'tests' combined with the fact they were confined in what was basically a glorified cage. He didn't like being confined, and he knew her fear of confinement was worse. He knew a lot more about her now, he remembered the kids. She was nice to the kids, them and a few others, but she was kindest to the kids. Her hair was a bit longer then, almost clinging to her chin in slight curls from where it hadn't been cut in a while, and she smiled more now than she did then, but they had been living a rough life and she was the brave one of them. Of course she didn't smile often back then. He knew about how she had managed to pull the strings with her friend at the top to get the two of them together, how she taught him to speak in English in the same manner he thought in English. He knew she was important to him--very, very important, and she hated being confined and white halls. He had to tear into something before he went insane after she tried to calm him down, and the room he had been dropped into would do just that.

Electricity. He suddenly found himself surrounded by electricity as he came to the end of his fall, letting his body feel the charge and respond, morphing as he took the floors impact by rolling. In a matter of moments, Shenz found himself in the body of a normal, if slightly larger than average Luxray. He glanced around, catching the sight of what appeared to be lasers crisscrossing the room, and he could feel the electricity pulsing in the walls, running to all the lasers. Padding towards one and poking one of his oversized paws under one, Shenz jumped back as a loud bang sounded off and a hole was left where his paw had been just before.

“CROSS THE ROOM.” Shenz cringed, lowering his ears towards his head as the speaker blared above his head. Without a doubt, Shenz thought this would be fairly easy, he took his time concentrating on the electricity flowing through the walls, then focused on backing the electricity up and then overloading the lasers and everything the electricity was connected to in those walls. Static pop after static pop filled the room and the lights from the lasers went out like blown-out candles, leaving the room free for him to walk across.

As he trotted across, Shenz seemed to smile to himself. Parking himself at the end of the room, he cringed again as the speaker blared “COMPLETE,” upon which, he returned to human form.

“Well, that was easy.” The human-formed Luxray murmured.

Anna's expression remained blank as the woman cued their dropping through the floor. In fact, the only thing that seemed to bother her at all was the fact that she and Hook had been parted again. When the floor dropped out from under her and sent Anna into free fall, she did not make a sound, just looked down as though it were a minor and slightly intriguing development. When she hit the room's floor, she again didn't make a sound aside from a soft "oof" as she landed. The rush of memories she had had from earlier had left her almost subdued, she didn't feel like doing much anymore, let alone dance, however the urge almost returned when she realized that she was in a room filled with ice. Slowly the cold seeped into her, and Anna finally stood. "...What is it that I'm supposed to do here...?" The words were barely there, but it seemed that they were heard.

"CLEAR THE PATH TO THE DOOR." Anna jumped at the sound from the ceiling speaker, but also stopped to look around--what door?

Then she saw it, trapped behind a decent-sized sheet of ice. She just barely stopped herself from asking just how the heck she was supposed to clear the ice away--unlike seemingly most of the others, she knew she was totally human. Anna looked at the door and sighed, trying to figure out how she was supposed to get to the door through all that ice. She was still getting colder, it had felt nice at first, but she had begun to shiver now. The room was cold, so cold, and she was only getting colder thanks to it. Her frustration had begun to mount as well, why could she not complete a task that the woman claimed to be easy? She stared at the ice, rubbing her arms through her sleeves, frustrating hersekf even more as she continued to try and puzzle out the answer when something seemed to click in her head.

Concentrate, it said. Tell the ice you want it to move, make it do what you want it to. Make it listen to you, you can do this--she said it would be easy, remember? She didn't know why she thought this, but it was worth a try. She concentrated on the ice, biting her lip and thinking hard about how much she wanted to pull away from the door.

Amazingly, after a minute or so of concentration, the ice began to move. Anna was floored by this discovery, but kept concentrating on how much she wanted the ice tomove, dangit! She wanted out, she wanted to be back with Hook where she felt safe, where she felt the most content, if not happy. That thought seemed to speed the slow peeling back of the ice from the door. After a few minutes of concentration, the ice was curled into pillars away from the door, which was now clear.


OOC: Ugh, this took forever, but it's done! Hopefully it's okay.

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