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Default Re: Replication;. {RP//open.}

OOC: Sorry this took so long, but I was literally typing mush by Seth and Riika's part last night and then had Prom today, sooooo, yeah. Well, at least it's up now! :)

Sakasa Yochi (Giratina) and Sophia Triste
Giratina-Human Form
Eterna City

"Well, look there! A free set of spots!" Sophia cheered as she spotted open spots at the end of a bench with two other people already on it. "Come on, Sakasa!" the tugging on his coat became insistent as the much smaller led the tall punk towards the bench where two others were located. It was the first open bench they had managed to find that would accommodate the three of them.

"Hey, slow down, Sophia!" Sakasa laughed, allowing himself to be tugged along. Some part of him wondered if this was what having friends felt like all the time--he had been an outsider most of, if not his whole life and never had them. The energy the girl gave off alone was amazing, combined with her cheer, it was something that made him feel almost like a normal human.

"But we should get there before someone else takes the seats!" the girl chirped, flopping herself down onto the bench with the bag of food in her lap. Sakasa took the spot on the end, leaving Musei to deal with the side that people were on until Sophia passed out the food they had both paid for and they proceeded to eat in silence. Then, out of the blue:

"Hey, Sophia? Have you ever seen a legendary pokemon?" He asked her. Sophia shook her head and smiled.

"I've heard of others that saw them, though." What the little girl didn’t mention, however, was that she had mostly heard these stories from pokemon rather than humans.

Riika Amano and Seth Micheals (Entei)
Entei-Human Form
Jubilife City

Seth and Riika turned their heads in the direction of the call, blank-faced. "Who is that, Seth? I don't think I've seen her before.” She didn't recognize the woman approached them, and neither did Seth, to be honest. Then again, it seemed that a lot of them had taken on human forms, and no one had taken the time to show off their human looks to the others. Hearing her nearly spill her name though, caused a smile to grow on Seth’s face.

"Ah, Prysa, what a surprise, finding you here. It's nice to see one of us—means you haven’t been caught again,” he whispered to her when Deza had caught up. With the grin still there, he turned to Riika, “This is a very old friend of mine…you could say she brought me back to life once.” When Riika’s eyes widened in disbelief, he laughed.

“Seriously? She’s seriously who I’m thinking about?” the girl asked, he nodded before turning to Deza, excuse me, Prysa, again.

“Prysa, I would like you to meet Riika Amano. She’s another close friend of mine who saved me from a very rough situation,” he said, hand instinctively reaching up to brush his fingers over Riika’s armwarmers, but stopped himself just short of actually doing it. Riika gave him a curious look, but he didn’t see it, as suddenly he was more focused on his feet. Stop it. You’ve got to stop reminding her and yourself about what she did for you. She covers them up for a reason, you should stop bringing it up, his mind hissed at him. Guilt was a heavy thing to carry.

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