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Default Re: ASB Announcements

Happy May Day!

We would like to take a quick moment to inform you of the exciting things we have planned for this summer ahead of us.

Yes, we are going to begin contests once again. Hooray! Contests will now be held seasonally from now on out, begging with our upcoming Summer Contest. So... now it is time to find and begin bribing the judges. Actually, you can begin practicing at the Trial Hall. If you haven't already you also need to receive a Coordinator License. We hope to see you there for this exciting activity. (Exciting Prizes also await the winners!)
We will also be holding a Tourney. This tourney will the first time ASB has participated in WAR. Details haven't been completely finalized however a sign-up thread will be posted on June 10. Non-ASB members will also be given a chance to participate, and hopefully will be inspired to join us here at the ASB. Of course, if the WAR isn't held this year, the tournament will still go on, and ASB members can battle for the top spots. The top spots also hold even more fabulous prizes!
VS Seeker!
There is however one thing we must do in our plan. The VS Seeker will be closed two to three weeks before the tournament. We plan to do this because it will be easier to focus our refs on the tournament, to not have a lot of other battles to do as well. After it is closed we will do our best to try and finish your battles, so you can focus and enjoy the Tournament as well.

5/1/12 - Dino, on behalf of the ASB staff