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Default Re: Individual RP: Akdude

"Umbreon! Espeon! Stand down!!!" I shouted to my Pokemon before they could get an attack off. It's very odd for a Pokemon to wander about without the trainer by their side.

"It's irresponsible of a trainer to allow their Pokemon to roam about without them."

Looking over this Ranger, he seems very young and carefree; as if he didn't care where his Pokemon was at. I looked down at Umbreon and Espeon standing at attention by my side. Umbreon glared at Gallade, upset about unable to battle. Espeon, well, went back to being Espeon. The Ranger seemed a bit young for the job, but it became irrelevant at this point.

"The only question I have is what on Earth could have taken you so long? Now let's go, I'm behind schedule because of you"

I started to walk off without my Ranger. I didn't really feel the need for him to be around. I'm a strong enough trainer without someone babysitting me like a five year old.
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