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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

A few hours had already passed since the incident that morning, although no one had forgotten about it in the least. It was obvious that this problem with Diana was more serious than they had originally thought - she could have probably killed all of them in one shot that morning if she wanted. They didn’t want to tell her parents because they knew how much trouble the young Witch would get into, but if the problem kept escalating they would have no choice.

Along with this matter, Ichiru was also still concerned about the dream he had had that morning. Because of the incident with Diana, he hadn’t gotten the chance to tell anyone about it, and had tried to forget it himself by dismissing it as just a nightmare, but something was constantly nagging at him. Somehow he knew that there was some sort of warning hidden in that dream, and that it was of great importance to him and the others. They were all getting ready to head out to lunch currently, so it would probably be a good time to tell them with everyone gathered in one place, but was it really that important? Was he just too paranoid and defensive because he wanted to protect his family and friends?

"Speaking of the children... what are you going to do? Are you going to turn them into Vampires? Or are you going to let them live human lives?"

As Ichiru walked out of his and Ashley’s room, he caught Damon’s voice from down the hall, coming from the older Vampire’s room. He glanced down into the living room, where Kiseki was joining Caroline, Kotomi and Isobel in playing with the children, but his attention stayed on the conversation he had caught.

"I'm not sure. Ichiru and I haven't discussed it yet. I thought that maybe when they're old enough to fully understand the situation then they could make their own choice, but by the time they're at that age then they won't be that much younger than Ichiru and I, which would be so weird if they decided to become Vampires. We would be in the same age group..." He heard Ashley trail off in her response as he made his way toward the stairs to not make it so obvious that he was listening to them if they happened to see him. He had never said anything, but it had shocked him that Abigail and Scarlet had been born as humans when both Ashley and himself had been Vampires, and there wasn't really a day that went by that he didn't worry over what they were going to do about it, even though he never said anything.

"I just don't know what to do... we were all changed into Vampires at a very young age. If Ichiru and I were in our late twenties or early thirties like Isobel, then the age situation with the children wouldn't be a problem..."

"It's a situation that none of us have been in before, so I don't know what to really day, but what I do know is that you and Ichiru aren't alone in this. All of us are here for you no matter what, and we will always be here for you and your children." Ichiru heard Damon respond, followed by Ashley’s thanks as he made his way down into the living room just before Ashley came as well.

Kiseki looked up at his brother, instantly sensing the worry coming from him. Ichiru caught the younger twin looking at him and shook his head before he could even ask, forcing a small smile as Kiseki frowned slightly in response.

"You guys ready?" Stefan‘s voice brought the two to look back over to him, nodding in unison with the rest of the group before following him out the door.

“If there’s something bothering you, you should tell someone…” Kiseki told Ichiru quietly as they walked to the car, hoping that no one else could hear. Ichiru didn’t answer him at first, having fallen back into thought over their current situations. He looked up at Kiseki after a few moments, forcing another smile. He knew he couldn’t hide the dream from them for too long - especially if it turned out being some sort of warning - but he didn’t want to ruin the mood just yet.

“No, I’m fine.”
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