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Default Re: [War XI] Perfect Fusion <SU/DS>

Guess I'm the first human. Reserve.

Character name: Socrates (he refuses to give any name other than this; it's probably not his real name)

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Team: Revolution Uprising

Occupation: Private Investigator


Socrates sports a thin, slightly muscular, frame, reaching an impressive 6'1". He has pitch black hair basically shaved off, with stubble covering his square face. His skin is a deep black, as are his irises. He almost always presents himself with a small, teasing smile. His eyes are always flitting back and forth, seeing things that others do not. His gaze almost always seems out of focus; to quote him,"I'm too busy thinking to join this illusion you call reality."

As to clothes, Socrates sports a trench coat, though it is almost always buttoned up so that it does not hang. This coat has many pockets and hidey holes to store items and Pokeballs and other fun, very lethal, goodies. He covers his head with a fedora. Under no circumstances should anyone touch this fedora. Socrates will exchange his ever present grin with a carefully neutral expression that indicates he's currently beating that anyone within an inch of his/her life. He wears a pair of blue jeans with a pocket sewn into the bottom of left ankle for a knife.

As though this were not enough, Socrates always carries a backpack, strapped to his back. While he is smarter than to store valuables in this backpack, he keeps enough non-perishable food for a week (for one person) in there, along with medical supplies for he and his 10 mons. He keeps backup writing utensils and notebooks in his pack (non-backups are too valuable and are to be kept in his coat only.)


Socrates is genuinely cheerful and happy most of the time. He never hesitates to smile, to be charismatic, to be truly charming. This, for some reason, leads to the misconception that he is clueless, na´ve, and a target. However, Socrates is PI, and a good one. As this job generally entails digging up secrets someone does not want found, this means he is in perpetual danger. No one can remain in perpetual danger for six years without some measure of competence, and Socrates is no exception. He has resolved a large number of his issues using his .44 revolver, which he had been learning to shoot since the age of 15 ("My mother, the coolest mom in the world, would take me to the shooting range all the time"), and, when that didn't work, with his PokÚmon, whom he collectively calls "my small army". He has them trained extremely well, the last member on his team being fully evolved by 12 years before the present, and not stopping their traning until they became both extremely combat capable and intelligent enough to help him out on their own.

One of Socrates' biggest assets is the fact that he knows people. His cheerful demeanor masks a mind that can see through fašades, lies, half-truths, the whole hog (not to offend any pig Sonic characters). His ability to manipulate and blend in socially have solved him the majority of his cases, and he keeps his contacts from previous cases filed neatly away in his brain. He is quite willing to call favors from the people he helped. His competence and willingness to refer to previous clients have basically added up to a (formerly) vast network of information and catspaws. As such, Socrates can solve most of his cases (and eliminate a large amount of his enemies) with phone calls, and the occasional messenger (generally his Starmie).

But Socrates is not all competence and happiness. Socrates firmly believes that morality should not get in the way of doing what is right, and can thus go to extremes when it comes to maintaining order. He does not form close friendships with any human beings (or anthros, for that matter), and his only friends (his PokÚmon) he would destroy instantly if it meant saving lives. He is quite willing to make sacrifices for the greater good, and will heartlessly kill anyone standing in the way of that goal. His loyalty lies only to those he believes can accomplish these goals (which is the reason he is loyal to the RU).


Like every other 10 year old in his native Hoenn, Socrates started his journey at the age of 10 (with a Togepi, in his case). Unlike every other 10 year old in his native Hoenn, Socrates had no intention of challenging the Pokemon league, finding both the theory and practice to be "idiotic". However, he did enjoy traveling, and ergo, traveled. By the time he was 13, Socrates had Pokemon from all over the world, and had them all trained to the point of which Cynthia would have a tough time not dying outright to him. He returned home, bored, wondering what to do with his life.

He wasn't going to be bored for long.

When Socrates returned home, he came home to the lovely news that his father was slightly shot dead. When the police investigated, they found that one of their own had acted in "self-defense". Nubnub. Socrates, needless to say, was slightly annoyed. He decided to make it a personal quest to bring down the police officer that shot his father dead. Socrates began to investigate: and started down a path that would take him for a wild ride. For starters, that death wasn't random: the cop was a positive sociopath. Unfortunately, the cop was a cunning sociopath, placing his cronies (such as the judge who ruled self-defense) in places where they could be extremely useful. Socrates spent two years gathering evidence of not only the cop's corruption, but also protection racketeering (the reason his dad was dead in the first place). He eventually brought the evidence to court, where it was all thrown out because the evidence was obtained illegally. However, in a completely unrelated incident not two days later, the cop was found dead because the "carrots" in his salad tragically turned out to be hemlock.

Socrates did not miss the discrepancy. He began to investigate the benefactor who had oh-so-sweetly disposed of his biggest enemy. He managed to get reports of similar discreet happenings all over both Hoenn and Johto, all having to do with some sort of terrorists. Socrates eventually began to manipulate his way into getting all sorts of sources of information. The large amount of information that he gathered over the span of two years, all seemingly innocuous individually, led him to several conclusions:

1) There was a secret government office between Johto and Hoenn that dealt with terrorists
2) They technically did not exist
3) They knew quite a bit about him

Socrates was trying to untangle himself once he got too deep, but at that point, the office had already found him. Instead of killing him, they were impressed, and invited him to join them. He set himself up as a (genuine) PI, and became the information collector for the organization. When the organization was disbanded (directly after the merge) he moved and kept in contact with the various members of the organization. When the organization's members decided to recreate the organization as the RU, he was the first to jump on board. He did the organization's recon, as he always did. And then he came home one day, and his mother did not show up at her usual time. Socrates could not find until he went the area of Robotnik's latest raid on Unova, and found her cold and dead...

Weapons: A revolver. An ankle knife.

Pokemon: (he refuses to reveal their names or genders immediately, but they'll be revealed over he course of the RP)



Kevlar. Lots and lots and lots of Kevlar. That sweet looking fedora? Lined with Kevlar. That awesome looking trench coat? Same.

Pocket Knife: Of the Swiss army variety.

Other: His trench coat has lots of pockets.
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