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Default Tutoring and Review Group (TAR) First review up~

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Tutoring and Review
"We'll remove those unsightly stains from your grammar record!"


We've all seen it. That word that doesn't look quite right in the context it is being used, or the spelling being a little bit off. Let's face it - no one is perfect, not even machines. Microsoft Word can just as easily fix an error as create a new one. Furthermore, it cannot spot all of them, as it is just a machine...It cannot truly think for itself. The best way to fix an error is to learn to prevent it from occurring in the first place. It is like a wound...You would rather avoid getting it than having to wait for it to heal. Additionally, seeing bad grammar is such a grievous wound to the hearts of many...

SO! In response to this, and to help both young and old authors...I (well, technically, the basic idea was by Pokemon Trainer Sarah) created this idea. Many authors don't get the needed reviews for their stories, and other young authors have such wonderful ideas, but because they have trouble with grammar and format the ideas can never reach full potential. This group is designed to change that.

The goal is to have a team. One person does reviews of chapters or, if they really want to, the entire story (recommended only for complete stories). Another checks out grammar and format, correcting typos and giving suggestions on what to improve.



Grammar may seem small compared to review, but grabbing typos can be a very big task, and it is very important.

Plot (Good, bad, okay? For chapters only, what did the chapter contribute?)
Characters (How well developed?)
Flow (How well do the ideas go together? Is the story choppy?)
Creativity (How original? Were concepts unique or "used often" ones?)
Enjoyability (Was it fun to read? Did it draw the reader in?)

If you have trouble with writing a good story or coming up with great concepts, don't fret! Depending on what your need is, we can find you the perfect tutor. Having trouble with spelling? You'll be teamed up with a Grammar Staff. Need help with writing good characters? Review Staff. There is always going to be someone who can help you out! Don't be afraid to drop in and request help! Just as you can ask for a review here, asking for tutoring is okay too.

Joining the Staff
Oh ho? You wish to join the illustrious TAR? Not a problem! Read this story, and send me your grammar/format corrections (rewriting not necessary, but it would be quite a feat! Format could be done by telling me, say, what is wrong and what should be changed...) and review (treat it like a story/chapter) to me via PM with the title "TAR Staff Application". Depending on how well you do, you will make either Grammar Staff or Review Staff...Or possibly both if you really knock my socks off! Then, based on that, you will be paired with another person who will take the position you didn't make, creating a team that must work together.

If possible, pick a story or one shot you would like to review from the Creative Writing section - but not your own story! If someone wants to, they will do your story. Please inform me (either here or through PM) of your decision, so I can list it in the next post. In that way, we won't get three teams doing the same story at the same time! If no one wants to pick a story, I will select and assign one to the team.


1.) All site rules apply.
2.) Be polite!
3.) Be timely! Don't take a month to review one little chapter!
4.) Please remember to inform me of your selected story. I can't reiterate this enough!
5.) Above all, enjoy helping others.

Literacy isn't something we forget. Literacy stays with us for our whole life...And by improving it here, we will be improving the overall success of the writer in real life. Always remember that behind that username is a living, breathing person that has every right to succeed just as anyone else! You never know when one little story might make your dream come true, or good grammar might land you a big job...

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