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Default Re: [War XI] Perfect Fusion <SU/DS>

Character name: Michelle Toya
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Team: Eggman Empire
Occupation: Pokemon Trainer
Appearance: Michelle, at first glance, seems to look a bit like a doll--one that you have a stand and maybe a case for and you put up on a shelf to look at because, while pretty, that doll is fragile. She seems to be of at least partly Asian heritage, coming to stand at a rather unimpressive height of 5" 4' and probably weighs about a hundred pounds soaking wet. Hair such an deep shade of red-ish brown that it appears to be mahogany in color hangs in loose ringlets to her shoulder blades and almond-shaped misty green eyes stand out against olive toned skin. Much like a doll, Michelle's eyes typically either appear to be unfocused and blank, or so focused the she appears to be staring through you, trying to set you on fire, though it is all dependent on her mood and what those around her are thinking. She is rarely ever seen smiling--in fact, you're more likely to catch her wearing a fairly neutral expression that suggests she is unaware of the physical world around her, something that isn't true at all, and many describe her as looking like she might shatter if you touch her.

Furthering her doll-like appearance, Michelle can commonly be found wearing various black shirts and camisoles, even the occasional dress under an army green denim dress that she wears like a jacket. This isn't a simplistic dress, either, it looks like it was based on the gothic lolita dress style, with a lace-up back and ruffled bottom as well as three-quarter sleeves that she rolls up to her elbows. She buttons up her dress/jacket to just under her chest, displaying the whatever black article of clothing she happens to be wearing under it at the time as well as a dark silver necklace formed of small chain links and a charm that looks like a heart-shaped cage, which rests at the base of her throat. Under her dress, Michelle also wears a pair of form-fitting dark blue jeans which have the knees ripped out, and have a few other tears in them as well, along with a pair of army green high top shoes to match her dress/jacket. She carries the very few things that she considers necessities in a simple black shoulder bag, and is often accompanied by at least one of her pokemon.
Personality: Michelle is a bit lacking where personality is concerned, as being able to hear the surface thoughts of people around her for as long as she can remember has eroded away at her sanity and ability to deal with people well, though small remnants of what she used to be and what she could have been still show up now and then. She is a fairly quiet girl, not outgoing in the least, though on an occasion where she is in a good mood, she will walk up to people who she can tell are lost and point them in the right direction. She is smart, she learned fairly how to apply the knowledge she gains from the minds of others to get what she wants, even if it means hurting someone else to do so, and isn't too bad with logic either, provided she's in a place with few to no people around so that she can think clearly. She thinks none too highly of people as a collective group, thanks to her past, and it has made her rather cold to all of humankind, no matter how nice they are to her--which is part of the reason she's sided with Eggman. She trusts no one aside from her pokemon, and will most likely keep it that way--in her past, trust has only led to pain, and she's tired of feeling pain.

Surprisingly, Michelle also still has a rarely seen childish side to her. She is kind to her pokemon and enjoys their company rather than the company of people (probably because they are about the only things living that really care about her), she tends to act almost normal around them, and nowhere else. There's a part of her that still wants to be accepted, and the eroded part of her sanity screams that this is how she can make people accept her. Among a crowd of people, she's just as likely to hold up against the tons of thoughts surrounding her as she is to break down, though being able to focus on something seems to help when you can convince her to go out into a crowd at all. Push her too far, and Michelle will lash out with whatever she can, be it her pokemon or words, whether the odds of her actually hurting who she is lashing out at are impossible or not.
History: Michelle was born the only child of a more wealthy family in Liliycove, Hoenn, but it quickly became clear that the young girl wasn't like other children. She commented to things gone unspoken, but thought, she could tell who did and did not really like her, she knew when people were telling lies or about to steal something and call them out on it. It was only when her parents called in a doctor did they realize their daughter was telepathic. As Michelle got older and her telepathy more powerful, things got worse. She could hear things from everyone and was unable to ignore it until it felt like her brain was going to overload, until finally she figured out how to tune the world out to some degree. Eventually she left home to find a place where she could live that she didn't have a ton of people around and where she could raise pokemon. She spent some time wandering Hoenn with her first pokemon--a Houndour she named Oka, when she met the Ralts that would become her Gardevoir, Cam. She woke one morning to find the pokemon curled up next to her side against her sleeping bag and the little pokemon's thoughts babbling through her head. She ventured Hoenn for just a little while longer before she decided to ditch the region entirely and moved on to Unova, where she decided to try and reinvent herself where she knew stories of "the psychic girl of Lilycove" would not be known as commonly as around Hoenn.

She spent a good amount of time in Unova while hiding her secret before moving on to Orre, hearing that it seemed to be a bit less populated than the other regions, and it while she was in Orre, minding her own business, that Robotnik arrived and took over. During the chaos of his takeover, she was stuck in Phenac, where she was subjected to hearing the thoughts of the city's citizens grow steadily louder in panic as they received word of his conquering of Kanto, then eventually Hoenn and Jhoto, then Orre itself. The moment Michelle realized that she could not hear the thoughts of the robots invading the city, she sought out Robotnik and offered him her help because not only would his roboticizing of everyone mean that she would not have to endure the crush of everyone else's voices in her head, but in her head, she thought of it as being a way to make everyone accept her. The only thing keeping her from being turned into a robot would be the fact that she's a telepath, which can prove to be useful at times, even if she hates the ability most of the time.
Pokemon team:
Gardevoir-Female-Camellia or "Cam" for short
Weapons: Nothing physical, but she will not hesitate to throw anything she might learn from your mind back at you.
Special powers: Yeah, this is mostly for Sonic Chars, I know, but it seems kind of silly it put the fact that she's a telepath somewhere else. Anyway, yeah, Michelle hears most of the thoughts of people within a ten foot radius of her without trying, and if she focuses it can be more. She also usually only tends to hear the "surface" thoughts of people, the thoughts going through their heads at the moment, but she can also put her own thoughts into people's heads as a form of communication, though it's not near as easily done if the person has no telepathic ability themselves, but gets easier the more she has contact with this person. As you might have figured out, though, it's kind of driven her halfway to insanity--it's both her greatest defense and her greatest Achilles heel, as too many "loud" thoughts can eventually drown out her ability to think.
Equipment: The occasional healing item for her pokemon, but that's about it.
Other: Her pokemon also tend to act like her bodyguards, and when they are out of the pokeballs, her head is like one big mental chat room.


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