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Default Re: Pokérus Empire ® :Tausend Jahre Pokérus Reich: HIRING

Originally Posted by Lost Soul View Post
the only thing i can think of off hand that will push activity, is to get some fresh blood, if anyone knows someone who's even willing to learn competitive battling and interested point them our way, i think the biggest problem is that it's really the OG's who still are willing to battle competitively, i haven't met anyone knew that wants to learn, either here or the few other sites i visit, if the breeding and ev training is a major deterrent i'll build them their first team as an incentive, and we can all help them learning the ins and outs of battling, i'm willing to make an effort to be more active, and maybe that'll also push me to want to battle again

Yea I've been trying to get a couple cats from my FB group to come over but yea like u said a lot of the new ppl to the game are lazy when it comes to EV training... I guess thats where u start leaning towards PO but I prefer wifi when it comes to battles. I thought I alrdy put my 2 cents in about the situation but for the most part i agree with lost. I'll try and be more active although I do stop by everyday during work but i'll try and be around more after hours