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Default Re: Website/Forum Advertising

Originally Posted by DeviantART Journal
Yeah. Same roleplay, except I spiffed up the forum. A lot.
Well, in all honesty I just made a new one. But nonetheless.

I'd really love to have some members join, here. Do you like to roleplay in Pokemon adventure-esqued stories? Then this is the adventure for you. Here you can meet new people, travel through any of the regions of your choice, train and evolve Pokemon, and even crossbreed them! Best of all, the mechanics are simplified.

Once again, this is all based off of an existing thread on pe2k: Gotta Catch 'em All, Red and Blue.

Seriously. If you like to write and roleplay, you should really. Really. Join. MGS--a user--over here is kinda in the Kanto RP by himself! Which isn't cool. D:
Just thought I'd post this here even though no one really looks at this thread I don't think. xD Worth a shot.

Anyways, it'd be super to have some RP'ers here. ^^;
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