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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Blue Version

Originally Posted by Judge Dredd View Post
it might best for the story for you to start off in Vermilion City.
Also bulbsaur approved, welcome to Kanto Blue. Make sure to post a your Trainer Card in the Trainer Card Thread.
(OOG: Noted. Vermillion City has been edited into the entry.)

The Professor didn't say much. He just turned to me, giving me a blank stare. "Bulbasaur approved. Welcome to Kanto."

Bulbasaur approved? Welcome to Kanto? I'd lived in Kanto all my life. Man, this Professor gave me the creeps. He seemed a lot different on TV than in person. Come to think of it, he seemed rather robotic.

Regardless, I shrugged off the thought. "Thank you, Professor."

He gave a mere nod, and handed the Poke Ball containing the Bulbasaur in to me. I took it away from his old veined hand and walked away, not even granting a goodbye to the man.

When I was some distance from the creepy guy, I hurled Bulbasaur's Poke Ball to the ground. He emerged in a flash of light, his eyes wincing at they adjusted to the surroundings. He let out a low croak.

"Hmm. Creeper. That is what I shall name you, considering your old owner. Besides, it's a synonym for vine." I petted him on the head, and he nodded in content.

"Run to the Viridian Forest." How strange. It's like someone was controlling my thoughts! Nevertheless, I complied. I ran into the forest near Vermilion City, with Creeper hot on my heels. He continued to croak, uncertain of why my erratic actions were occurring.

"Now run out of the forest." Unwillingly, I complied again. I ran straight back out the other side of the forest. I looked ahead of me. It was uncertain where I was. Who the heck was controlling me back there?

Adventure notes:
1) Bulbasaur is nicknamed Creeper
2) Eti runs in and out of forest.

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