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Default Re: My Own Sprite Pokedex #001 -

Hi there! Welcome to the forum, and good to see you spriting.

The thing about your own pokedex is that it has to be scratched. If you want to make fakemon, you generally, as a regular rule, don't fuse pokemon. You make them yourself, with nothing to start with but a blank file. I mean, it's not like it's against the rules to make a pokedex with fused pokemon, but if you do, I would say that the pokemon you used in your fusion have to be unrecognisable. We shouldn't be able to see what pokemon you've used, but it's entirely plain here. Shinx, persian, raikou. With changes of course, but the point is, we shouldn't be able to tell at all.

Second, pokedex projects need a lot of effort put into them, with more details and presentation that what you have so far.

You should take a look at some recolouring tutorials and fusing/amalgamation tutorials, as you have not fused/recoloured these sprites properly. You have missed several places that you did not recolour, such as a strip of persian colouring on the second sprite's extended front leg. All coloured pixels need to be recoloured when recolouring a sprite. You do not neglect a single pixel. Also make sure you do not flip things like fire. And by NO means, unless you completely fix it after (which is not easy for beginners), do you resize parts of sprites. This is a bad idea!

This is a tutorial for amalgamation, which is creating fakemon out of existing sprites: Click this link here.
This is a tutorial for basic recolouring, which is necessary in pretty much every aspect of spriting: Click here to see it.
These are two tutorials for fusions, which are different to what you are looking for, but may help with the process nevertheless. Click here for the first, and here for the second.

I hope this helps you further develop your skills and improve on what you already have. :]

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