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Default Re: [RP][All Inclusive]Perfectworld Phase One

Sara Aurion & Raine
Test Area-Soar HQ
Sara sat on a simple chair to the left of the circular room, leaning back a bit and sipping on a glass of wine. "I've had a long day, maybe I should take a nap. What do you think, Raine?" she said to the fire pokemon, chained to one of her chair legs with a simple pale chain and a pure white leather collar. "No answer? Damn. You really have to lighten up sometimes, you know that?"

"Maybe I would be happier if I wasn't chained up like a feral animal. This is animal abuse." Raine barked back, sitting up and staring fiercely at Sara.

"Oh look, the recruits!" Sara said, quickly changing the subject and pointing to her left, where the recruits walked from different passages into the room she was sitting in. She calmly stood up, set her wine on the ground under her chair, and walked to a podium she set up to address the recruits.

"We've assessed your performance in your own test chamber, and we have results. You all did great. Except" she said, shooting Experiment a glare, "You failed and passed at the same time. I would say that was awesome of you, but to be frank, we just threw a random test at you. You don't have many memories to begin with." Sara said, shrugging at the last few words off as if they were no big deal. "Now, the rest of you, you have the remainder of the day to yourself. There's a map behind you, Sara said, pointing to behind the crowd, where a map had appeared on a large screen. "And training is that a way, straight ahead. As for accommodations, you're going to be sleeping on the floor, sadly we don't have much housing here." Sara suddenly exploded with laughter and draped herself over her podium to not fall down, then regained her composure and turned back to the small crowd.

"Very funny, Sara..." Raine said unenthusiastically from behind Sara, sighing deeply after her comment. Sara ignored her, and carried on with her speech.

"No, but seriously, we have rooms out there for you. Just check the map and go there when you want to sleep. If you're wondering about time, it's... Sara quickly checked the watch on her right wrist "It's 1 PM. Don't stay up too late, or we might have to drug you again." Sara stood staring at the unmoving crowd for a few seconds, saying nothing, then continued. "That means go. As in, get out. Scram. Buzz off. Get the hell out. Oh yeah, if you want to try and harm me, I would advise against trying. You know, force-fields and the sort." she said, then turned around and sat in her chair again. Without moving the rest of her body, she grabbed her short sword and cut the chain holding Raine back in half. "I'm letting you be a part of the group. Don't make me regret my decision. You will, however, have...special accommodations. Come see me when you’re ready for bed.

Raine looked in bewilderment as she was set free, followed by a moment of composure before she said "I won't." and walked away from the chair with a few lengths of chain dragging behind her. She stopped, lifted a paw to her heck, and the collar fell off, clanking to the ground. She then walked out of the room, taking a moment to glance at the map before she walked off to the left.
Test Area-Soar HQ
Raio walked out of a door that seemed to come out of nowhere when he finished the test, and found himself in a circular room with Sara on the other side of it, standing behind a podium. He sat down against a wall, and ignored the whole speech, instead finding it fun to see if he could find a single imperfection on the walls and floor that were practically sparkling, even where the group had walked. One time he swore he saw one, but it was just the bright, pure white lights hitting the wall weird. He then tried to look past the light to find an imperfection, but that also seemed impossible since the lights looked like they were rectangular, pressed up against the "glass" of the roof.

"...As for accommodations, you're going to be sleeping on the floor, sadly we don't have much housing here." Sara and Raio laughed out loud at the same time, Raio stopping sooner than Sara. "She's hilarious!" he exclaimed, standing up quickly. He then listened to the rest of the speech, a bit sad that there were no more jokes. He hung around a bit, leaning against the wall where the corridor he walked from used to be.
Test Area-Soar HQ
Zwelit floated tot he top of the test room, spotting a square opening that was large enough to scramble over to and enter. He floated along the top for a while, pushing himself with his arms. His arms got tired, and he wished he could just fall.

And he fell hard, bumping his head on the ground so hard his ears rang. 'So it's this thing doing all this? he said, unsheathing his rapier. It felt heavy again, weighing his arm down. "Okay, I wish the blade to be on fire!" he yelled in the dark corridor. He yelped as the blade of the rapier exploded in flames, lighting the corridor in white light. "Okay, stop! Just glow!" he yelled at the sword, and sure eough, it cooled down and cast a perfect white light, which was almost blinding. "Now greatsword!" he said again, staring at the blade for a few seconds. "Damnit..." he wispered to himself, before getting another idea. "Light as a feather?" he said, the blade almost feeling like air in his hand. "Sweet!" he said, walking down the rest of the corridor with a glowing rapier extend in front of him for the rest of his journey. "Rainbow." he whispered to it before he came out in the circular room, the blade now leaving a rainbow trail wherever it used to be.

He took full advantage of this, spinning the sword in front of him for the whole lecture. 'Think what else I could do with this...I could make it whatever I want!' he pondered, paying no mind to anything Sara said. He just stood there, spinning rainbows in front of him while the rest cleared out or stayed behind.

I’ll ask this one more time; Do we have a plan?

”Do we need one? They’re all weak.”

”We should get them...*wisper wisper*”

”You’re kidding, right? That’s the stupidest plan in the world!”

”I think it’ll work.”

*sigh* "You're both idiots..."

Okay, now some important notes;


All of the hallways are standard, blank white rectangular hollow prisms. They're square, and quite...large.
Rooms are a bit on the large side, with a bed against the back wall and a bathroom to the left of the room. A dresser is to the left of the bed and in the corner, and a nightstand with a simple cube alarm clock set on it. A TV is hung against the wall opposite of the bathroom, 20" with a white frame. The walls and roof are beige, a nice escape from the cold white metal used everywhere else. The ground is grey fluffy carpet.
Rec Room
The rec room is rectangular room, adorned with standard-issue white walls and roof. The only thing that sets it apart is the black floors, and four pool tables set up in a corner opposite and right from the entrance, a bunch of couches to the right of the entrance, a few arcade games to the left of the entrance, and a small weight room opposite and left of the entrance.
You aren't allowed to use this yet, so no explanation is needed. The door is locked.
Emergency Exit
The Emergency Exit is locked. How...un-emergency of it.
The library is rows upon rows of books. Books about nature, books about history, books about other might even find a book about your world! In the furthest corner from the entrance, an organized square of computers sits, 12 of them in all.
Dining Room
Come in here if you want a snack, no food will be served tonight. A huge table takes up most of the room, chairs set neatly around it. The Kitchen door is locked.
Every door is automated, and slightly darker than the walls, and "pushed in" unless you lock it. Keycards are in your room on the nightstand. In the Rec Room, the floor glows where you step, and it glows white, unless you request for that to change. The arcade games in the Rec Room are as follows(and very punny.):
Super Road Fighter V
Kingdom Spades II
Pokemon: 01000110011011000110000101110010011001010110111101 101110 Version
Future Warfare 3
The World Starts With Thee
(Each game has four stations, and your keycard functions as a Memory Card)

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