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Default Re: War of Worlds [SU & DS]

I'm liking the concept behind this. However, there are some things I still need to know. What kind of forces these other planets have, their methods of attack, things like that. In detail, not generalizations. Having an army of 2000 galaxies doesn't tell me much about the things that comprise it. How was America and other said continents taken over? I do plan on signing up for this, I just need a little time to create my SU. I haven't RP'd too much, and the last time I did was like 3 years ago on this site during the WAR, so I don't even remember it lol.


Here is my sign up form.
Hope this isn't too bad.

Name: Alex Hagar, nicknamed "Axe".

Appearence: Alex stands 6 feet tall with broad shoulders and a muscular body type. His eyes are colored a deep blue, often so dark they seem black from a distance. His hair is a light blonde that shines when in the sun. A series of scars cover his right arm, while the left is in a sling. Dressed in the standard uniform for soldiers, a camo short sleeved shirt in which he tore the sleeves off and camo pants with light tan combat boots. He also carries a mid-sized backpack over his shoulders.

Personality: Alex is known for his quickness to think, as well as act. He never wages into a war he knows nothing about, nor has he ever been in a situation where he hasn't had total control, despite which side is winning. His calm, laid back nature helps aid him in making the right decisions on hard tasks at hand; always weighing the pros and cons before chosing a path. Alex has a huge heart for the country he loves, protects, and serves.

History: Alex Hagar, known in his ranks as "Axe", was a Major General stationed in northern Texas to help train new recruits for the United States Army as well as oversee the research facility in the area. In this particular facility, scientists were researching the effects of a newly created serum that would give the U.S. the upper hand no matter what the enemy or odds by boosting the soldiers' strength, stamina, speed, reflexes and vision. Without an apt test subject, the scientists were unable to fully test this serum, until Alex stepped forward and put his life up for grabs. In hopes of creating a so called "Super Soldier" the scientists then prepped Alex for the upcoming tests. Before being subject to the trials ahead, he made time to call his wife and newborn child back in California, vowing he would visit soon after the recruits were trained. The serum ended up working and halting astounding results. All of his senses had been increased ten fold. Only moments after conducting the final test, a foreign force of unknown magnitude came upon Earth, starting with America. These forces were spread across the entire U.S., attacking entire states at a time. The facility was chaos; scientists rushing to gather data and make an escape. Alex, still being inside the machine (much like one used for cat scans) was unaware of the devastation going on outside. Unable to free himself from the machine on the inside, he was only able to scream for help as he heard the cries of the men around him. Explosions could be heard as well as returning gunfire. After a while, the noise began to fade. Whatever was going on outside, his men and the scientists had lost. A loud beeping noise could then be heard. The intruders had sent a missle plumetting toward the facility, detonating near Alex's location. The machine was sent soaring, twirling in the air. Alex, being stuck in the machine, started to fade in and out of consciousness, until finally a white light was seen before him as the machine hit the ground. (Not wanting to really reveal more than that at the moment because of the significance it will have in the story.)

Place in army: Major General of the United States Army (soldier now that the Americas have fallen).

What planet are you working for: Earth

*Equipment: Alex has a small variety of weapons at his disposal. Two pistols contained in their holsters, one on each side of his body. He has a backpack he carries that has 3 flashbang grenades, two explosive grenades, ammunition, and a flare gun with two flares.

@Powers: Alex doesn't have any "powers". He can heal five times faster than a regular human. His senses have been heightened beyond that of any mortal.

>What are you smartest with?: He knows a lot about weapons in general. There isn't a gun he has encountered in which he doesn't know. He is also good with strategies, as well as actual hand to hand combat.

<What weapons are you fluent in?: Alex can use any gun put at his disposal. From sniper rifles, to hand guns, he can use each with 100% efficiency. He also knows how to use a variety of vehicles, including tanks and helicopters, even submarines.

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