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Default Re: Shredded Sacred Bonds [RP]

Skyspire - Agana's Inn
RPers involved:
CM (Agana); Eternal Moonlight (Amber); Kamikaze (Darios)

As Corbin appeared to be waiting for a response, he was actually planning his next move.

<I wasnít ready for them; Iím not sure how to handle them.>

<Right now Agana is the important one. We were prepared for her reaction at least.>

Corbin didnít really like pushing peopleís buttons this way. It wasnít his style.

<Often things in our lives must come to an end before improvement can begin. You can no longer indulge your desire to remain comfortably anonymous.>

His mind was brought back to the present as Agana leaned forward, hands on the table and rage slowly consuming her features.

"You are lucky right now," she said in a low voice. She obviously didnít like that the Knights in the room, particularly the imposing woman with silver hair, were likely able to hear every word he had said. How much more upset would she be if she knew that he had done so intentionally?

<Feng, I really donít like this.>

<Nobody should,> was the only reply.

Agana continued hissing at him, and as she spoke, her teeth were visibly growing into fangs. She must be a Vampire, he realized; it made sense.

"With that kind of talk in here, you wouldn't be the only one in trouble. I have a reputation, and you could have easily closed me down and got me arrested. If you wanted to talk about this, you should have said you wanted to talk in private. I do have a conference room we could have used. Next time, think carefully before you talk about plans like that in my business."

She stalked away to the bar, poured herself a drink, and stopped right by the note he had discreetly placed using his kinetic channeling as he had walked across the room.

It read: ďThe way you feel right now, the rage, the fear, the danger; nobody should have to feel like that for refusing to hide who they are. Thatís what this is about.Ē

He turned his attention away from Agana. Either his efforts would breach her reservations or they would not. He could do nothing else constructive there for the moment. The other two needed his attention right now.

The big man, Corbin still didnít know his name yet, was actually shaking with barely controlled rage. Corbin was genuinely surprised that he hadnít already been assaulted by the man with how upset he appeared.

However, he impressively kept control, turned to Amber and said "I'm sorry if you misunderstood my comment earlier, I was merely trying to be polite. It might be best to head back to your room, before things here turn ugly."

He rose from his seat, bowed slightly towards Amber, then turned back to me.

"You...If you ever pull a stunt like this again, and put me or my friends in harms way, I will see to it that your head is no longer attached to the rest of your body."

His hands lowered to rest on a pair of scimitars at his belt as if to verify the threat.

"I would advise you to get out of my sight, quickly, and if anything happens to Agana, you'd better be out of the city within the hour, because I will hunt you to the ends of this world and beyond if that is what it takes to end your life."

<Do you think that perhaps our plan was a bit too effective?>

Corbin nodded to the stranger in solemn acknowledgement of his accusations. He would have killed every knight in the room if he thought it would have made any difference. He would not allow others to suffer for his rashness though; if it came to trouble, he would do whatever it took.

He pulled a little bit of extra hearing from his reserves so that he would be easily able to hear whatever conversation might take place between that Knight and Agana, once again marveling at the strange twist of fate that made channeling operate outside the normal realms of magic. He was effectively invisible to any runes and talismans he had ever encountered if he avoided touching his mana. He could even channel around a rune of blocking if he were captured. He wished again that more were as fortunate as he. Then he turned to Amber, who seemed more tired than anything, and waited to see how she would react. He had already exercised enough haste for the evening, now it was time for a little patience.

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