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Default Re: [WAR XI] Debate Section

Alright. Here are the results for week 1

Best "for": RaptorJesus + 2 points for Not-so-super Friends
Best "against": Max0596 + 2 points for Revolution Uprising
Best argument: This goes to RaptorJesus of WAR. You contradicted some facts at times (like ownership of Pokemon and Kingdom Hearts games) but your points were most relevant. + 2 points for Not-so-super friends.

Topic 2: Much of the buzz in the world of politics in the United States is Obamacare. Recently the Supreme Court upheld the provision requiring Americans to buy health insurance (a tax penalty would follow if requirement was not met) claiming that it fell within Congress's power to tax the people. Some countries like Canada already have a public healthcare system. What are you thoughts on healthcare systems? Should it be highly government controlled or left to do its own thing?
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