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Default Re: Shredded Sacred Bonds [RP]

Amber Greenwood
Agana's Inn, Skyspire
Affected RPers: CM (Agana), Kamikaze (Darios) (possibly) Brainiac (Corbin)

“This wasn't my idea; not the way I usually handle things.”

Although it was indirect reply, Amber did get the jist of what Corbin was saying. She recalled him mentioning a Guardian, although she hadn’t much knowledge of what implications this had, of what it even was. Either way, he had said his was a being by the name of Feng, and that, the redhead made sure to bank.

Now, she would have added more, but was cut off by voices coming from the tavern. One was obviously Agana, but the other was new. Being feminine, however, tipped her that it was more likely than not the Captain.

It was hard to make out clear words, but their tones weren’t aggressive, which was a good sign. The possibility of conflict was still hanging though; Amber had to keep that in mind despite said good sign.

The one thing that did manage to reach her ears was the word “Garou”. That, she’d heard of plenty of times in the past and knew exactly what this was. If it was relating to one of the people still present in the room or someone else entirely, the mage couldn’t be sure. The situation made her wish she could use her powers to enhance auditory capabilities, although her hellhound might have been able to make things a little clearer. This, however, was not worth the risk.

They kept going after that, but nothing more Amber could pick out. Bringing her attention to Corbin, she did notice he appeared to be concentrating, as if trying to listen in. Maybe he was having more luck then her?

After the voices seemed to subside, she had the fullest intention to ask, but her question changed. She’d noticed his facial expression was… different to say the least.
“Hey, are you okay?” Amber asked, eyeing him carefully.

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