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Default Re: [WAR XI] The Eggman Empire: Now Accepting Humans

Originally Posted by Winter View Post
another guy whose also trying to do what seems like twenty billion things at once
Because I'm awesome :L By the way, I'm a Unicorn - we're cross-gendered so... yeah...

xD I kid. And don't feel too bad - I'm struggling for ideas for this week's CW theme. I will have something submitted, but it may not be amazing. Heck, I thought that about my last one, but then it turned out alright P:

Originally Posted by sammy0295 View Post

I am currently working on a sprite
Dude - I love you. Seriously, I guarantee that yours will be better than my submission - you're likely to get into the top 3. xP But hey, my submission looks pretty sick when zoomed in ;)

Gallantly - add me to Skype tooooooooooo! :3


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