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Yep, yep, you're itching for the results, so let's not wait on that.

SCORE: 74/100

Not bad, I like the background, the black, magenta, and light purple go well together. The glow around the Darkrai sprite is pretty good, although I find using a sprite instead of a standard image of Darkrai didn't work that well, especially considering the larger-scaled up version of the sprite behind it got pixelated, although it was a decent attempt. Text, I feel, also could have used some work, as it's a plain font and doesn't catch the eye. Lastly, the background, while nice, doesn't really capture your theme of "bad dreams." Still, you're getting better, it was an improvement from your last entry.

SCORE: 84/100

Definitely a good render to go with the theme. Wasn't expecting E.T., but you used it pretty well. I also like what you did with it, making it seem like Elliot is riding the bike on this surreal-like path. the text is also well-placed, and although I would have liked to see it use the same kind of gradient effect that you used for the "path," it still does the job. I would, however, would have liked to see a bit more done with it, and it seems the path and the colored glints of light are the only changes and differences I noticed that were different from the original render.

Also, next time, please fill out the form correctly... D:

SCORE: 93/100

Yep, it's a banner, and a pretty good one too. I like the border, so many entries this year don't have one and I'm a bit surprised about that. This one has a neat effect, and I like it. The background also is a great cyan and light blue color, and I like the render you picked out as well. Angels rock. The text is also well incorporated, but could be just a tinge bit easier to read. But yeah, if this only your third or fourth attempt at banner making, keep going, because I think this rocks.

SCORE: 98/100

First off, I LOVE the text on this. To anyone else who's reading this, that's how you do text in a banner. Awesome dream-like glow with a fanciful non-standard font that is easy to read and very eye-catching that goes great with the theme. The purple and surreal background was also well-blended in with the C4D render, and I like how you made the Musharna render make it seem like she was emerging from the background, giving it a neat 3D feel. Very, very cool. Heavy on the purple, maybe could have used a bit of some other color in there, but really, I can't complain with this one. A+.


1st Place (3 Points) - Charmander009 of Eggman Empire
2nd Place (2 Points) - White Knight of Team Obscurity
3rd Place (1 Point) - JokestertJesse of No-So-Super Friends

Week 3's theme will be up soon.

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