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Default Re: Gotta Catch em' all Kanto: Yellow Version [RP][Open]

Xiac Kanoshi
Route Two

I held the door open for everyone as they followed Shay to the start of our adventure. I couldn't remember if many people had thanked me, but I did remember at least one female being polite – my face reddened greatly at this. By the time all of the Trainers had made their way out of the School, I looked around the interior one last time. I noticed all of the food on the table and I bit my lip. Should I? I pondered on my thoughts and then rushed over to the table, filling my bag with a variety of sandwiches – after all, people were bound to get hungry.

After shoving a sandwich in my own mouth I headed out the door, Slick still on top of my head. We were at the back of the line, but I needed to make sure we had everyone following Shay. I surveyed my surroundings – the beautiful green of the grass, the towering shade cast down by the trees and the gorgeous bushes that surrounded us.

Soon enough, we came to a wall. I watched as everybody climbed over, smiling in amusement as I caught, I think it was, Persephone taking an alternative route through the trees. I was tempted to have a go at that myself, but Slick wasn't really the climbing type, so I decided that I would stick to the ground.

As everybody managed to hoist themselves up, I took one last look behind me. I could make out the School in the distance and I smiled. Breathing in the fresh air, I turned back around and made my way towards the wall.

“Looks like our journey starts here, buddy!” I exclaimed, Slick replying with his usual nasal “Pssy”. I pulled myself up onto the wall and sat on the roof it. Placing Slick beside me, I jumped down and landed on the soft grass.

“Psy!” Slick stated, indicating for me to open my arms. He jumped down himself and I caught him. With the duck still in my arms, I turned back around to face the group. I rushed ahead to catch up with everybody, but then all of the battles began.

Many of the Trainers had taken to battling and/or capturing the wild Pokemon. Markus' battling style was very aggressive, but what he did next shocked me. His male Nidoran had poisoned its opposition, a Spearow. Markus didn't even bother to help it – he just left it there to suffer! I would have gone to the bird Pokemon myself and tried to help it, but Shay got there first. I sighed with relief – as distant and rough as she seemed to be, she had showed that she had a kind heart.

I watched her as she helped the bird into its nest, allowing it time to fight off the poison within its body. Soon after, another Spearow intervened and attacked Shay. From there on out, a battle ensued – I was amazed at the skill the Charmander and her Trainer had at battling.

Something purple and fast caught my eye. As I spun on my heels to get a good look at whatever it was, I found that it was no longer on the ground. In mid-air, lunging in my direction, was a young Rattata – teeth bared.

I jumped back, the rat-like Pokemon landing on the ground instead of me. It jittered its jaw as it eyed me and Slick. I placed the Psyduck down, determination in my eyes.

“We've got a battle on our hands, Slick,” I explained, standing cautiously. The duck sighed, complaining for a moment and then focusing on the Rattata, claws removed from their usual stance on his head. There was silence for a moment, but then it rushed forwards again.

The small rodent was too quick for my liking – its body was flickering from left to right. Approaching Slick at a terrifying speed with a Quick Attack, I quickly though about my plan of action. Alright, now is the time to find out where Slick's specialities lie. I need to figure out which tactic and battle-style is best for him, I thought to myself.

“Slick, dodge!” I ordered, testing to see whether speed and agility was his strong suit. The duck was clumsy, falling over instead and then getting pummelled by the oncoming Rattata. Slick didn't wheeze or anything, he just took the hit head on, exhaled a heavy breath and then stood back up. I nodded, his determination impressing me.

The rodent jumped back, then rushed forward for a Tackle. I wanted to see how Slick fared on the physical aspect of battling.

“Scratch!” Still no dice – swinging in for a hit, the Rattata was just too fast. It crashed into Slick, who still didn't show any type of injury, and then retreated quickly. I thought hard about this, and then it felt like I had been slapped round the face. Is Slick maybe... Defensive? The small duck Pokemon had been taking some hits, and he didn't show much sign of pain – I came to the conclusion that he was versatile, able to take a numerous amount of hits and keep going. I smiled.

The Rattata came in for another Quick Attack – boy was it a fast Pokemon! I confidently looked on, thinking of how to counter this attack.

“Slick, take the hit!” I stated, still thinking ahead of the battle – what would my next move be?

“Psy?!” the duck Pokemon replied, quickly glancing at my. I nodded with determination and he sighed, looking back at his attacker. Standing his ground, he took the attack head on. The small rodent collided into Slick's stomach, the yellow duck Pokemon being pushed back ever-so-slightly. My brain clicked into action.

“Quick, Water Gun!” I ordered. The Rattata was still right in front of Slick, slightly dazed from the sturdy-ness of its opponent. Slick quickly released a powerful stream of water to the underside of the rodent, who, in turn, found itself flying across the grass. It landed heavily, but stood back up raring to go. I liked this Pokemon, it was full of confidence and guts.

The Rattata was coming in for another physical attack – I've got it! The Water Gun had dealt quite a bit of damage to the little guy – the marks over its body showing this. It was a physically-based opponent – long-ranged moves were its weakness whereas close-ranged ones were easy to deal with. I grinned.

“We have this one Slick! Water Gun... now!” and with that, the stream of water collided with the small rat and smashed it into a nearby tree. I landed heavily, twitching in pain. My face fell – I might have seriously hurt the thing.

Rushing to its side, I was thankful to hear it breathing. I then noticed something I hadn't earlier – this was a baby. It was so small, it's fur thin and its teeth small. It whimpered in pain as I picked it up gently... I couldn't leave it like this.

Rummaging through my bag, I pulled out the Potion that Master Yin had given me and I began to spray it on the Rattata. I didn't need to use all of it on the small Pokemon, so I was thankful that I could save some for Slick. The small duck Pokemon waddled beside me and looked at the purple rodent with concern. Its eyes flickered to life and I smiled.

Letting it down, the small Rattata looked at me curiously – wondering why I had tried to help it. I smiled at it.

“I couldn't leave you there, could I?” I explained, the Rattata confused for a moment, but then it jumped on me. It wasn't attacking me or anything, it was, in fact, hugging me. I was dumb-founded for a moment, but then I started to laugh – was this ironic after a Pokemon Battle?

I pulled the creature off of me and placed it down. It approached me as I stood up, rubbing its head on me. I knew what was going on.

“You want to come with me?” I asked, to which it replied with delight. I smiled, but shook my head. Crouching down, I patted its head.

“I'm sorry,” I explained, “but you're too young. You're still a baby, and your mother would be worried about you.” The Rattata looked at me sadly, but I kept my grin on my face. I had an idea.

“I'll tell you what, I'll come back here someday, right to this very spot, and I'll bring you with me then. I promise.” The rodent pondered on this, and then it brightened up. With one last nuzzle on my hand, it rushed off back to its home.

“Psy,” Slick exhaled, obviously tired from the battle. I sprayed him with whatever was left of the Potion and we made our way back to the group, in which we were informed that we had to follow the newly-caught Spearow of Shay. I turned back to see if I could find the Rattata – I couldn't. Sighing, I turned back to the group. I look forward to having it on my team in the future, I pondered.

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