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Default Re: [RP] Digimon: The Reckoning

OOC: Doing a bit of a time-skip here, several hours into the future. Sheep and Obliveon, you guys can still work out your conflict over your next few posts if you want to; not everything has to happen at the same time. After all, the outcome of the fight can eventually catch up to current events.

Also, have fun. >:D


IC: Anarcomon
Location: Digital World, Eastern Shore Keep
Role: Anarcomon’s Army
Affected RPers: Everyone

He smiled as he stood upon the battlement of the Keep, staring at a giant stream of multi-colored energy in the distance. It was so far away that it was almost invisible, but the sheer size of it even from so far away marked it as a Major Stream. He’d received word of it a few days ago and had been tracking its progress with his various spies and agents, constantly calibrating his cannon and waiting for the Stream to be within range.

It was time.

Behind him was a ten-foot conductor pole, atop of which sat a sphere with a diameter of roughly twenty feet. Ultra-condensed digital energy was streaming upwards to the sphere; the energy was so pure and raw that it radiated an intense heat as it traveled. The sphere itself was putting out enough light to been seen from dozens of miles away, having been fed energy from several sources below the Keep for about ten minutes now. A powerful hum filled the air around him, making it vibrate.

“Yol,” he said, clapping his hands to punctuate the strange word.

Not even a second later, a huge beam of white energy exploded from the sphere with a roar, arching into the air as it tore away. By this time the Major Stream had moved several hundred feet closer; at the speeds these particular fields could move, it took meticulous calculations to know when to fire the cannon. He watched as the attack streaked through the sky, moving almost as fast as its target was. In only a handful of seconds, the attack reached its destination.

The result was instantaneous and tremendous. The attack struck the Major Stream and easily tore through it, creating a gaping hole that would have left the Stream severely unstable in itself. As it was, the sheer amount of friction and raw energy created by the collision and tearing of separate sources was enough to cause an explosion of titanic magnitudes. At first it was concentrated in the area that the cannon blast hit, but it quickly progressed both up and down the Stream, following the enormous beam of connecting data from its source to where it touched the ground.

Where the main explosion erupted there was now a field of distorted data, resembling something like a crackling blue void stretching several miles tall and at least a mile wide. When it reached the ground it tore a large crater into the earth, disintegrating it to a depth of about half a mile and a diameter of nearly three miles. The aftershock of the explosion caused a powerful quake that tore gaping chasms dozens of feet long and deep into the ground.

When it reached that critical area that merged the Real and Digital Worlds, it blew a literal hole between the two realities. Communication grids world-wide went on the fritz, millions lost internet connections, cell phone towers the world over went dead. In several countries, power grids were knocked offline, plunging a countless number of cities and towns into complete darkness. In some places, nuclear plants went critical thanks to the loss of systems that regulated them and warned of dangerous situations.

He smiled at the destruction that had been reaped. He knew the impact of the destroyed Stream was worse in the Real World; hundreds, even thousands of people would lose their lives within just a few hours of the attack. Many who died would be those who opposed him, others would be their loved ones. It would be a heavy blow to the forces of the DigiDestined, to be sure. Not to say there wouldn’t be casualties in the Digital World as well, though. Indeed, the backlash of energy that had spread from the explosion would wipe out weaker Digimon before it fully dispersed, not only destroying their physical forms but most likely also completing deleting their data, permanently wiping them from existence. None of it mattered to him; all that was important was he was one step closer to combining the Worlds.

And one step closer to ruling them.


Shitai Ningyo | Quetzalmon
Location: Digital World, En Route to the Eastern Shore Keep
Role: Anarcomon’s Army
Affected RPers: n/a

They’d been traveling for hours, having to stop several times to rest. They’d only been attacked a few times, mostly by small groups of Champion-level Digimon too hopped up on their egos to realize they were sorely outmatched. It hadn’t been nearly enough to wear the girls and their pets down to a suitable level, but it had drained them of a decent amount of energy. All in all, it was going fairly well, if maddeningly slow.

And then Shitai noticed a glow appearing above the Keep, all the more noticeable since dusk was coming. At first she could only stare, unable to believe the cursed luck she was running into. The others were uncomfortable with what was happening, and Shitai wasn’t able to convince them that it was most likely a harmless beacon of some kind.

And then of course the cannon fired, and moments later hell broke loose as yet another Major Stream was felled. She saw the distorted field that was ripped into the Digital World, felt the earth tremble from the quake in the distance, and heard the distant but very clear echoes of the blast. Quetzalmon cringed a little as the backlash of digital energy washed over them; it made Shitait’s skin tingle unpleasantly as it passed.

The worst time for this to happen! she fumed silently as the BlackGuilmon growled and generally made himself irritating. The other Digimon were making it clear they didn’t like the present situation either, and the blonde-haired “Tamer” looked frightened by what was happening. Her sister simply looked concerned and, unless Shitai was imagining things, suspicious. Unless we give ourselves away and force them to the Keep, there’s probably no other way of getting them there. Why did this have to happen NOW of all times?!


Kilara Blake | Impmon (IceDevimon) | DemiDevimon (Devimon)
Location: Dayton, Ohio, Unites States
Role: True DigiDestined
Affected RPers: Sheepat, Obliveon

Impmon sensed it a few seconds before the quake hit. He was thrown to the floor, quickly gaining his feet as Laura gave a cry of surprise. She grabbed a counter as she toppled over, managing to catch herself before hitting the tile floor. Several containers were shaken off their shelves to bust open on the floor, and the chairs were all pretty much knocked over. Various utensils and pots were sent to the floor as well, adding more din to the overall racket of the quake itself.

Nimbly dodging falling objects, Impmon made his way back to Kilara’s bedroom. She was on the floor, most likely having been shaken from the bed by the powerful heaves of the ground. Pagumon was pressed against her, his eyes wide as he spotted Impmon coming into the bedroom.

“This…this isn’t right!” the little Digimon said, yelling to be heard over the sound of other things crashing to the floor in other parts of the house. “This is-“ He was cut off as a loud groan pierced the air from outside; a loud cracking sound then rang out, closely followed by a deafening boom. A brilliant burst of orange-red shone through the room’s two windows, temporarily lighting the bedroom as brightly as the midday sun. The windows themselves were shattered by an intense blast, and Impmon rushed over to yank the blanket off the bed. He managed to pull it over himself and his partners before too much glass reached them, but a few random shards still managed to hit Kilara’s arms. She winced as they embedded themselves in her flesh and gingerly plucked them out, waiting a few seconds before peeking out from under the blanket. She then tossed the shards under her bed and carefully folded the blanket back onto the bed, trying to avoid spilling too much glass on herself or her partners.

At the same time there were more explosions ringing out, though the quake itself was dying down. By now Kilara’s parents had reached the room, confusion and fear clear in their expressions. Laura had returned as well and was standing by one of the broken windows, a look of utter bewilderment on her face. Kilara felt her gut twist at the younger girl’s expression, then turned to the window she was near and moved the curtains aside. It took her mind a few moments to work out what she was seeing, but when it did, all traces of tiredness were replaced by numb shock.

The quake that had struck had torn huge fissures into the ground and must have hit a gas main or something, since several houses down the street (including the one right next door) had quite literally blown up and were now burning fiercely. There was flaming debris scattered everywhere, and droves of people were gathered in tight knots as they stared at the destruction that had been wrought. There were several burning objects that looked distressingly human-shaped…

Kilara turned from the window as her stomach churned painfully, unable to bear looking at the devastation. Instead she focused on her partners, blinking in surprise to see both of them had, at some point, Digivolved to Champion level. She didn’t feel any sort of strain from it, though, and in an instant her mind made the connection.

“Another Stream has been destroyed,” she said softly, not needing to ask. She must have been too shocked by the level of destruction to have not felt such a powerful burst of digital energy that it made her partners both go to their next forms. Devimon and IceDevimon didn’t respond, knowing there was no need to. The only time they ever Digivolved like this was when a Major Stream was destroyed, which allowed not only a large initial blast of digital energy into the Real World, but allowed a larger and more steady influx of it afterward. For the next several hours their current forms would be powered solely by the raw digital energy now flowing through the Real World; once it dissipated fully, they would either need to revert back to their Rookie forms or risk slowly draining Kilara’s energy.

“This is…much worse than last time,” Devimon commented after a moment as Kilara’s parents joined Laura in ogling the destruction outside. “With every Stream Anarcomon destroys, the aftermath is becoming more and more profound. If he manages to get another one…it may completely wipe out certain areas, if this one hasn’t already. I fear to learn the full extent of the damage caused by this attack…”
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