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Default Re: Latio-Nytro Vs Grassy Aggron

Whoo, here we go~ And yes, already giving a status. ...I like giving my mon's personality, okay? XD T.B. is quite the hyperactive, happy thing isn't he...

(Toxic Boom) Shroomish [M]
Ability: Poison Heal
Signature Move: None
Tutored Move: None
Obtained: Starter
Status: Immagoingtopunchyouinthefacewithoutarms!

All right, T.B. Start this up with a Charm, then use Toxic on yourself.
If Captain Crunch uses Protect, create a Substitute @ 1% Health, then follow up with Charm.
If he makes a Substitute of his own, use Growth.

Now, if for some reason you can't use Toxic on yourself because you know it won't work on your own body and I'm being stupid ordering you to do so, use Leech Seed instead.
If Latio switches to a Grass Type, has used Substitute for either of his actions, or Protects this turn, use Growth.

Charm/Substitute@1%/Growth ~ Toxic(on self)/Charm/Leech Seed/Growth