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Default Re: The Hunger Games [RP]

Keiru&Amelia Kozaka,District One
In District One

"You look nice." Keiru smirked, looking at what his sister was wearing. "You nervous?"

Amelia looked up at her brother, hesitating to speak, before turning her gaze to the floor to compose herself. To be honest, she was more nervous than usual. She just felt like something bad was going to happen, that something bad being her name coming out of the ball. Amelia almost shrieked when a hand softly gripped her shoulder, and she was pulled into an embrace by her brother.

"It's alright, I'll protect you if you're called." Keiru stated. "Though we both know you're not going to be getting picked this year."

Amelia simply nodded, forcing a smile. Her brother's words comforted her a little, though they did not remove the bad feeling she had from her heart. Her brother stopped embracing her and pulled back, causing her to look up at him, a massive smirk on his face.

"It's about time we head for the Reaping, don't you think?" Keiru queried, though it was obviously rhetorical. "Of course we'll be setting the 'trend' again with our outfits."

The two of them broke out in laughter as they looked at one another, several moments passing for their laughter to die down before they made their way out of their home, and towards the square where the Reaping would commence. Amelia glanced up at her brother as they approached the square, the long crimson trench coat flapping behind him with every step. He was clad in black trousers, knee-high black boots, a black blazer over a smart white shirt, and white gloves, with a crimson tie out over his blazer around the center of his chest. Even though he had on the trench coat, it was still obvious that he was largely built, his muscles almost threatening to rip the seams of his clothes. She would swear her brother had only this suit to his name if she didn't live with him.

Amelia meanwhile was wearing a rather short black and red skirt with a chain going on the left side of it, and a small and tight black shirt that had a large neck line, that would be even larger if it wasn't for the red tie around the collar appearing to keep the shirt in place. She had a black sleeve on her left arm, with a chain around the lower half of it just before the wrist, and she had a red spiked collar-like band around her right arm, several inches above her elbow. She had a black finger-less glove on her right hand, and a chain, different than the others since this one was actually a piece of jewelry, around the lower part of her right arm. She had a black collar around her neck, just under the collar of her actual shirt, which would only have been in view under very close examination. Around her neck was a locket, silver in colour, within the locket was a picture of her and her brother, and she cherished the picture, since it was the only picture he had ever let be taken of him. She wore knee-high boots similar to her brothers.

The two of them drew glances from others gathered for the Reaping, and Amelia smiled faintly. Her brother turned to her, offering a sincere smile as he cupped her cheek.

"When this Reaping is over, I'll treat you to your favourite dinner." Keiru offered, to which she smiled as they separated, signing their names up and taking their places in the assortment of children and teenagers assembled for the Reaping.

A figure came walking onto the stage, as silence filled the square as the figure approached the microphone.

"Welcome everyone!" the figure declared enthusiastically. "Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds be ever in your favor! Let the 112th Hunger Games begin!"

The man stepped forward, placing his hand into the ball containing the names of the women, and Amelia tensed up as the man pulled out a piece of paper, slowly opening it, before looking up.

"The girl who will be representing District One is... Amelia Kozaka!" the man declared, as everybody in the square began looking around for the person in question to approach the stage.

Amelia moved out of the assortment of bodies, walking towards the stage, as the man on stage moved towards the ball containing the male names, a voice rose from the crowd, over the hushed whispers.

"I volunteer as tribute!" Keiru declared instantaneously, moving to walk alongside his sister.

The two of them stepped onto the stage, standing alongside one another as the man walked towards Keiru, an eyebrow raised in query at him.

"And who would you be, volunteering so suddenly? I hadn't even pulled a name out of the ball for you to volunteer for." the man queried, moving the microphone in front of Keiru, waiting for a response.

"Keiru Kozaka. Brother." Keiru responded in a hostile tone, giving his name, falling into silence.

When the man turned around from him, Keiru couldn't resist as his features became quite maniacal in appearance, an almost insane smirk spreading across his face, pure excitement in his eyes. The Hunger Games were something he'd always wanted to be a part of, but he had never volunteered since he had to protect his sister, and even though he was slightly troubled by her having been selected, he couldn't help but get excited. His smirk broke into a sadistic grin as he gazed out at the crowd, his gaze happening to turn towards the very thing that would show his face to the rest of Panem later on. Anybody looking at him would think he was insane with the look on his face.

"This will be fun." Keiru uttered happily nearly silently, looking directly at a camera, his sadistic grin still on his face.

"Well, would you look at that, Keiru has volunteered to protect his sister! How courageous! I would like to thank everybody for coming here today, Happy Hunger Games, and may the odds for ever be in your favour!" the man declared, as Keiru and his sister were moved into a room to await for transport to the Capitol.

Christian Wright, District Nine
In District Nine

Christian sighed as he waited for the person on stage to hurry up and pull the name out of the ball. He didn't even pay attention to the name escaping from the woman's lips as a girl he didn't know walked up onto the stage, though he noted the nervousness on the girl's face, and he smirked, it would be easy to convince her to join him on his plan. Before the woman could even approach the ball with the boy's names in, Christian stepped out from the crowd.

"I volunteer as tribute." Christian stated.

As he stepped onto the stage, the woman approached him, shock on her face as she looked down at him.

"What is your name?" She asked.

"Christian Wright." He responded.

Christian zoned out once more, only coming back out of the zone when he was ushered off the stage, and towards the building where they would await transport to the Capitol.

Brandon Lockhart,District Ten
In District Ten

"I volunteer as tribute." Brandon declared, as he stepped forward, having started paying attention to the ceremony again once the girl had stepped onto the stage.

He stepped onto the stage, receiving a look from the man stood on the stage, and he merely offered a smirk in response. Brandon was well-known in District Ten, he was the social pariah, and he was always seen in public in his all-black get-up, which he was wearing even now. He had got into many tussles with other members of District Ten, that often got the Peacekeepers involved. A week wouldn't go by without him attending a cell, but he always seemed to get out within several hours due to his family.

"The name's Brandon Lockhart, can we get this over with, I'd like to get this over with." Brandon demanded, stunning the man, who obliged since he had given his name.

A few moments later, and they were off the stage, and in a room awaiting transportation to the Capitol.
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