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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

Eight months had already passed since the day Damon left with Klaus. A lot of things had changed and even gone for the better, and although everything seemed normal, it was clear that no one had forgotten Damon or gotten over what had happened. The subject was so sensitive it was almost never spoken of. Over the months after his disappearance, Damon had sent Abigail and Scarlet presents on their sixth birthday, and Diana a gift for hers as well.

Katherine had gotten what she wanted, so Kenny was never brought up again. The older Vampire had fled town along with James, which the twins were very happy about. When James had been brought back as Vampire, Ichiru had barely been able to contain his rage toward the older man, and had vowed that if he ever came near Ashley or his children he would kill him without a second thought.

Everything seemed to have calmed down and gotten peaceful again over time, but it still didn’t feel right without Damon with them.

"Hey Diana." Kiseki and Ichiru looked up from the kitchen as Caroline greeted the curly haired brunette who had just come inside.

"Hey. It's freezing outside." Diana closed the door behind her as she responded. It was still surprising how quickly her fear and hatred for Vampires had disappeared, but it was also really nice to see as well. Aiden and the twins were glad that she could be comfortable around them now.

"That's why Abigail and Scarlet aren't going outside today." Ashley said, as a sneeze came from upstairs, and then gave a sigh. "They're coming down with a cold as well."

"Well at least they aren't missing school." Stefan commented with a light chuckle.

"I know." Ashley chuckled as well before disappearing upstairs as Lexi, Kotomi, Isobel and Kol walked out of the kitchen with mugs of hot chocolate in their hands. Over the months, Kol had finally earned the trust of everyone in the group, although it was clear that some of them were still wary of him. Aiden was one of them, although he no longer showed hostility toward his fellow Original like he had before.

The ginger stood beside Kiseki with a mug of hot chocolate, both of their gazes on the snow outside as Diana went upstairs to change.

“It’s too bad Abigail and Scarlet came down with a cold.” He looked over to Kiseki with a smirk. “I was looking forward to helping them kick your butt in a snowball fight again.” Ever since he had begun staying with the others and had been around the children, Aiden had been trying to watch his language like everyone else so that they wouldn’t pick up on swearing. He had unexpectedly gotten really attached to them during the time he had spent with the group, and often played with them when he got the chance, or gave them sweets and made them hyper just to mess with Ichiru and Ashley.

Ichiru chuckled softly as Kiseki scowled at the Original, although he didn’t retaliate just yet, instead taking a sip from his hot chocolate.

“I let you win.”

“No you didn’t.”

Ichiru gave a playful shake of his head as the two of them argued, sitting his mug down and heading for the stairs as well. He noticed Stefan coming out of Damon’s room, which brought a questioning look to his face, but he didn’t say anything, allowing the older Vampire to go by him. He noticed the door to Damon’s room was cracked from where Stefan had left, and thought he caught a glimpse of someone inside. He knew it was probably Diana, but since Stefan had just come out of the room, she couldn't have been changing anymore. At first he started to dismiss it, but after a few moments, curiosity got the best of him, and he pushed the door open, seeing Diana sitting on Damon’s bed with her hand closed around the diamond rose necklace he had given her for her birthday.

“Did something happen?”
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