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Default Re: Dungeons & Dragonites: Darkest Path [SU/DS]

Not done yet. ><

Character: Arima
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Class: Beast Soothesayer
Appearance: Lame picture by me. She looked cooler in my head but for some reason it didn't want to look as good coming out.

Personality: Arima is an incredibly enigmatic individual. She mostly keeps to herself and speaks little to people. When she does it is often in a well mannered, almost wise sensing fashion. She isn't one to get angry at small things and is a quick wit as well as a quick reflex. At times she will stare off, seemingly at nothing where people question if she is in a daze or not. This is half true since her mind often goes into a meditative peace in order to figure out a question or a problem, however that does not have her oblivious to the world. Arima rarely shows her face, for she does not like how the human race reacts to it, often in awe of her features. She thinks humans are an odd species, even with herself being one. Arima has a firm belief in the mystical sense of the world, often reffering to nature and it's energies. Having such a strong tie with it, she better understands what humans do not. When someone shows a very strong ignorance to something though, and acts stupid about it, she will not be afraid to knock sense into them and stand up for the other side. One thing she does not stand for is the senseless killing of other beasts without valid reason. She gravitates towards beasts more than others, so if a humanoid happens to make her mad, there will be next to no communication or acknowledgement aside from civil, single word answers to questions. Arima is also, incredibly analytical of behaviours, linking thoughts of the mind to small twitches and quirks seen on the outside. Her perception is so keen that she can sometimes tell when a person is lying or when a beast isn't just terrorizing the townsfolk for no reason. This also allows her to feel the vibes from various people through her connection with nature, feeling if people are giving off a bad one, or a good one, negative or positive. Once Arima has figured something out, often about why a person is acting a certain way to a particular thing, she will bring it up privately if it is becoming an issue.

History: Arima is from a clan of nature gypsies that travel in a caravan, their only existence held by a rumor gossiped about through Gaia. Most of her days Arima spent by herself, meditating in nature in order to communicate with it, and thus, being able to learn to speak all forms of beast tongue imaginable. Her first soothed beast at a young age was a Druddigon, of who she calls Fall because of the season she first met her. As the darkness began to creep in, her clan could tell there was a disturbance coming, and so, those of age dispatched themselves across Gaia in order to calm the beasts and hopefully keep away the darkness, believeing it may of had somehing to do with human's continual disconnection with it. Arima traveled with Fall, coming to her first town that was being attacked by an angry, and very intelligent Rhyperior. He shot down their windmills and tore up mills, causing havoc and the like to the townsfolk. Arima stepped in and did her best to calm the beast, when she discovered that the Rhyperior was doing so for a just reason. The buildings and such were disturbing the flow of the wind through that valley, and thus wasn't allowing for the seeds that blew with it, to reach the part of the forest they needed to reach. Arima tried to explain this to the one in charge of the small village, however most of them would not listen. They believed it was an untame beast causing them trouble without cause. That's when Arima struck them a deal, asking that if she proved the Rhyperior was not a crude minded tyrant, that the towns folk would rebuild their mills elsewhere. The people thought it was a joke as Arima was small and frail looking, and more likely to die, so agreed, figuring they had nothing to lose. When Arima explained the deal to the Rhyperior, he reluctantly agreed, and the next day showed up in town, disgruntled but not breaking anything. Arima had him wander around, sit within the town square, even with small children climbing on him out of curiosity, without him lashing out. Out of bewilderment, people stared for hours, and once the sun was beginning to set, they had no choice but to rebuild their mills. Arima left, however not without the Rhyperior following her, and giving her alliegance. Arima named him Obelisk for his stamina and stalwart through the last episode. As time went on, Arima found herself saving towns from Pokemon and beast problems alike. People offered her rewards when they insisted more than she refused, even having her appearance remembered and described to other people, hoping that their letter carrying birds may reach her for help. Rumors about her sothesaying abilities of anything non-human spread and she gained a reputation for herself. They only know her by her abilities however, as her face is always conceled by her cowl and scarf.

Strength: 8
Dexterity: 15
Constitution: 12
Intelligence: 12
Wisdom: 14
Charisma: 15
Pestel and Mortar x1
Daggers x2
Waterskin x1
Coin Purse x1
Quiver x1
Ironwood staff x1
Arrows x40
Long bow x1
Satchel x2
Small containers x4

Aggron armor shoulder plates x2
Scaled armor tunic x1
Scaleskin gauntlets x2
Aggron armor back plate x1
Scaleskin boots with armor x2

Sacred Sash - Allows for healing if worn over a wound. Looks like any other scarf. It cannot be destroyed.

|Animal Affinity|
|Deadly Precision|
|Mounted Combat|
Ambient Energy: Arima goes into a half meditative state to give off a calming vibe to angry beasts, trying to calm them down and avoiding a conflict. This doesn't always work, as if the Pokemon or beast is in a total rage, the clouded mind of anger will prevent this from working.
Ambient Drain: Arima came from a tribe of mystic gypsies, and thus, knew dancing was her forte immediately. Arima focuses a powerful natural energy of hers and avoids enemy attacks, never landing an attack of her own. For each attack that misses her, her opponent loses energy and moves a bit more slowly. The more the opponent misses, the slower and more tired they become.
Nature's Sense: Arima can tap into the natural energy around her when meditating. She can ask nature questions, and possibly sense of living beasts or unnatural things are near by. Answers vary, or she may get none at all.
Nature's Nuture: Arima uses her sacred sash and ties it or places it over a wound of another, meditating and chanting something of a gypsy's song. It accelerates the natural healing process significantly, and other healing processes, such as th affects of potions.
Call of Nature's Aid: Arima chants a mystic gypsy prayer, asking nature for the assistance of nearby beasts to aid her in battle. Some beasts nerby may feel the ned for assistance and come to her aid in one tasks she needs, and then go back to resume their lives.

Currency: 40 Silver

Obelisk the Rhyperior
Ability: Solid Rock
Techniques: Rock Wrecker, Drill Run, Megahorn, Rock Polish
Signature Technique: Shale Shot
Obelisk learned the ways of long range warfare after he leared the usefulness of Rock Blast and Rock Wrecker. However Rhyperior are slow and Obelisk was a Pokemon that was one hell of a sharpshooter, and wanted some edge on his flying, much more speedier foes. By putting in a sharp piece of shale in his hands, and keeping thm for the right moment, Obelisk uses his sharpshooting skills to fire that sharp piece of shale into the opponent at incredible speeds that may stagger his opponent. The shot is so fast that it outspeeds the average speed of avians and those faster than him, and often quite precise.
Type: Rock
Base Power: 80
Accuracy: 100%
Classification: Physical
Impact: Single Target
Priority: +1
Effects: 25% chance of causing flinching

Fall the Druddigon
Ability: Mold Breaker
Techniques: Dragon Claw, Glare, Fire Fang, Sucker Punch
Signature Technique:

Other: Arima has two companions because she is basically a beastmaster. Fall follows her everywhere she needs her to while Obelisk tends to stay out of populated areas, more outside towns and cities. While not really a spell, Arima can speak in all forms of Pokemon and Beast tongue with ease.
VPP STATS Paired with: Sandstorm Lavastone <3 Neon the Jolteon Level100: 6576

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