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Default Re: Myth: God's Eye (Chapter Five up!)

Hey, everyone! It's time for chapter six, if you read this at all:


What Was Lost

<So you have returned>

<Of course, I always do. I'm a goddess>

<Yet you refuse to tell us what you gods have been up to>

<That is our business>

<No other creature in this land but the gods conceal their ultimate intent from others>

<It is our business, because the truth is too great to handle>

<You handled the truth about Distort well, and how you are not the supreme beings of the universe>

<We handled it well, but you cannot handle the real truth. The real truth would drive you insane with greed>

<I am not a greedy creature, Athena>

<That is what all creatures who are not gods say. Look at Bellerophon. He wanted to go to Olympus, but he said he was not greedy before he fought the chimaera>

<You gods, you fools. You always speak of revealing what it is like to be a god, and yet we always see that your hide yourself in secrets that should not be secrets>

* * *

He was angry. His two ravens spoke into his ears, whispering in their ancient language every trouble, replacing the left eye he had lost, all those years ago, to gain wisdom. Great wisdom, and he did not regret sacrificing a piece of his body. He had his ravens.

He was wearing armor, and a fur cape made from the hide of a wolf. He had a white beard, and a horned helmet, made of iron. Where his left eye was supposed to be was an eye-patch, hiding the hole that used to have his left eye. There was always a sense of magnificence around him, and all the animals skittering around the canyon around him nearly bowed, just restraining themselves.

Indeed, it was a great canyon the being was in. Called Loki's Pass, located in the south-eastern regions of Greece. The Pass itself was huge, and it separated Athens from the rest of the nation. The being was walking towards a small clearing in the Pass, away from the main trail, which travelers occasionally took to get to Athens (however usually they came from Stornway or Cartilius, two other nations which bordered Greece from the south) He went through a crack, one that a regular eye would notice, but ignore.

But he was a god, a divine human-like being created to govern the world. He was Odin, king of the Aesir gods, or 'higher' gods. They represented war and power, and lived in the realm of Asgard, one of the largest realms that used to be supported by Yggdrasil, the World Tree. But it was now a hollow shell of what it once was, just a regular city. Not a large planet-sized dimension, filled with gods and powerful beings of intense abilities. Now just a husk, empty, more than half of its people dead, vaporized by the Great Fusion.

As Odin walked through the cramp path he looked around. The aura of divinity echoed off the walls, into his eye. The whisper of a god tickled at his ears. The path was nearly at its end, a small light at the end of the tunnel.

Odin went through, light blinding him a bit. The whisper had grown louder, growing into talking. Odin's eye adjusted to the shining sun that radiated down on the small clearing, on the stone ground, perfectly smooth. Smoothness also went along the circular walls, which funneled up to the bright blue sky.

Except for the middle. The talking had turned more to the ancient language of reality. It was indistinguishable, even for a god. He didn't know the actual language, but he sensed when it was being spoken. It was spoken wherever the devastation of the Great Fusion had affected a particular part of the world, such as Greece or the North. It was always heard in the North. And Egypt, to the East. It was also heard much louder in the South, oddly. There were always whirlpools there, though, so the scientists of the world thought this is where many oceans collided, their waves smashing into each other. The middle was a crater, still perfect, where something should be. Where a dead snake should be, dripping and dripping its venom onto the prisoner, but there was nothing.

Still gone, then. Odin closed his eyes, listening to the godpaths -the mystical trail- the prisoner might have taken. There was only the speaking of the Fusion, still the Pokemon's 'Distortion World' tickling his ears.

The ravens, they still spoke. Spoke of the prisoner, still alarmed he was gone. Odin ordered them to leave, to keep searching. They flapped their wings, going upwards through the funnel and going over the wall, flying throughout the world.

A new voice sprung into Odin's head. Hieroglyphs flashed in his head. A new presence, another god.

“Still searching, Odin?” the voice sounded falcon-like, shrill and strong. None other than the Pharaoh of Egypt, Horus.

Turning around, the king of the Aesir was briefly blinded by his equal. Horus had taken the form of a man with a falcon's head. He had accentuated the silvery eye that was made from moonlight. It glowed brightly, gleaming like a liquid jewel. The other eye was just as bright, showing the golden ichor that all gods bled instead of blood. It was just as bright as first eye, a second sun. Horus had only his light armor (that did not hide his muscles) and curved blade (called the khepesh.) The aloof, humorous take on the situation barely hid the mask of rage the god felt. Indeed, the entire stone structure seemed about to collapse.

“Yes,” Odin replied to Horus, “I am still searching. The Aesir and the Vanir are both searching. We still have not found it.”

“And the... other item?”

“Ha!” Odin laughed, “I don't intend to find that anytime soon.”

Horus squinted his eyes, intensifying the twin glows of the miniature moon and sun.

“If anyone finds it and finds out how to use it, then it could potentially spell the doom for us all.”

“You're too worried, Horus,” Odin replied, “Everything will work out in the end. We shall find both of our items. Now, if you want to truly let the enemy find what we seek, stop speaking, or your whispers will find their way to a potential opponent in our small search.”

“Our search is not small, Odin,” Horus said, “Both items are quite dangerous in the wrong hands!”

“Whispers,” Odin retorted, quietly, smiling in victory. Horus looked around, seeming to grimace (beaks can't exactly show emotion.)

“The bane to a god,” the Pharaoh said, “That is why we must keep our secrets so well hidden.”

“Indeed. Now stop speaking.”

“I must not,” Horus said, “The Legendary Pokemon, they grow suspicious of our motives.”

“Let them be, they will not find out.”

“They are as powerful as us gods, better in many different ways. In some ways they are superior,” Horus retorted, “Smarter, as well. Some of their mortalkind, the ones known as Alakazam, are one of the most intelligent on this planet. They probably will find out soon enough.”

“We are lucky, then,” Odin said, “That they keep to themselves, those Alakazam. Otherwise we would be like an open book, just like the rest of life. Is that what you want, Horus?”

“What I am saying,” the falcon-headed god replied, “Is that eventually, the rest of life will find out our secret. We will be an open book.”

“Not unless we retrieve what was lost, Horus. Stop speaking now, the talking, it is getting louder.”

Indeed, it was becoming more of a yell, a thousand voices, no, over a million, they were yelling. Both of the gods heard them, and Horus looked uneasy.

“They will find out soon,” Horus said.

“Then if you are so paranoid, bring it to Zeus.”

“That fool?” the Pharaoh shrieked, which meant laughter, “The Greek gods, they are stubborn. Perhaps the most stubborn of us all. He will not change his opinion, nor his outlook on the 'foolishness' of mortals.”

“He is the Chief god of Olympus,” Odin replied.

“Because he just so happened to manage to defeat Typhon,” Horus retorted, “And even if Typhon- Surtur if you must- was a threat, that doesn't mean that Zeus should become the Chief of all Greece. It was a great nation before the Fusion.”

“Before?” Odin mused, “It's still a driving force in the West.”

“Zeus has grown lax,” Horus said, “He keeps mentioning the items in front of the other gods, in front of the Legendary Pokemon, in front of Fanglongmon. We might as well cast Zeus down as a traitor.”

“He is not a traitor,” Odin said, “You should be careful who your friends are. Please, Horus, stop acting as though the Pokemon are evil. They pose no threat to us.”

“And Fanglongmon?”

“The Ruler of Server is a trustworthy friend, and ally. We will wait until the time is right in Jiltaria. We will stick to the plan.”

“The plan... is a foolish plan.”

“We must rely on mortals to do this. It will relax Zeus's grip on his opinion. But for now, we keep it hidden. We do not talk, lest the Legendary Pokemon pick up on our plan. We must play this carefully.”

Horus looked at Odin. The Pharaoh just stared at the king of Asgard, boring holes into his chest. The falcon-headed being was like this for a long time. A pebble fell at the top of the rim of the funnel, as a Rattata scampered on the top, scratching and nibbling at the ground, looking for scraps. One of Odin's ravens returned in this silence, flapping down onto the god's shoulder. It whispered into his ear, his right one. He closed his eyes, nodding. Then the raven flew off.

“Huginn states that the chosen pieces have begun moving.”

Horus continued staring, then finally spoke.

“Very well,” the Pharaoh said, “If you think this is the best way of continuing the god's lineage, then go on, be a fool. I do not know if the mortals you chose will succeed, but by my grandmother Nut, and by your father Ymir, and by all life itself, you'd better hope they will. If not, then I highly doubt if this new world will survive.”

A flash of light. Horus was gone. Odin smiled a bit, looking at the small clearing, then he too was gone.


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