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Default Day Care Center & Egg Hatching

The Day Care Center

The Day Care Center is a small wooden hut with a fenced paddock out the back. You can see a lot of different Pokemon playing in the yard or gathered around a large pond. You step inside the hut and are met by a plump old woman who smiles welcomingly. Inside it is warm and comfortable. An old fashioned fireplace can be seen in the center of one wall. The small room is almost cluttered with couches, tables and chairs and lots of photographs of different Pokemon.

“Hello dear, this is the Day Care Center. You can leave your Pokemon here and they may even have a baby! Isn’t that just precious?! Must be something in the water, I guess...hehe! That only seems to happen in Spring though...” she trails off. “Anyway, we would be happy to take care of your Pokemon for a little while, if you like?”

-You must be in either Ion Town or Nebula City to use the Day Care Center
-It costs 10 stars per Pokemon per week to use the Day Care Center
-For every full week a Pokemon is in the Day Care Center, it gains experience equal to 2 Wi-Fi battles (this counts towards evolution)
-Pokemon only breed during Spring
-If you want an egg, you need to leave 2 compatible Pokemon
-The egg produced will have a 50% chance of being the species of the mother and 50% chance of being the species of the father
-You may breed a maximum of 2 pairs of Pokemon each Spring
-Pokemon which have bred cannot breed again until the next Spring
-You must leave your Pokemon in the Day Care Center for 48 hours to produce an egg. During that time you may not use that Pokemon in battle or when travelling
-Eggs take 7 days to hatch and must be kept in the party. When your egg is ready to hatch, post here with the appropriate form (you do not need to be in Nebula City or Ion Town for this).
-All transactions must be approved by an official.

Leaving Pokemon
Pokemon (max 2) and genders:
(Your star total) - (Cost of Day Care Center) = (Your new star total)
Link to stats:
Hatching Egg
Pokemon parents and genders:
Link to stats:

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