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Default Re: Pokerus Empire: Never Say Die

Originally Posted by Lost Soul View Post
nice, i think our roster is pretty much set, if i include myself on this one, i'd have to switch my router security settings for a little bit, but i think it'll be alright

haha, you sound a bit thirsty aqua, i wanna give it the weekend just in case hectic or void show up and want to participate (also i'll be busy tonight and saturday lol), but by sunday or monday we will be at war! so suit up and get your teams ready, and if need be run them through some tests over the weekend

as of now here's the roster we have:
King Thor
Lost Soul
Master Aqua
Princess Eevee

i think eevee is the only one that can only battle on the sims, if there's anyone else who has to (or prefers to) let me know so i can make sure to mention it when we do the match-ups
So like this weekend OUT OF THE BLUE while cleaning my mom finds my White Version that I've been searching for since ever and I'm like" Where did you find that?" and she's all" Found this while looking for my batteries" and I'm sitting here trying to comprehend how I fail to find that darn thing after 7months of looking and she finds it while looking for batteries. Whatevs I'm back in the WiFi battling business now so now I can play PS or DS n.n!

GoodMorning all! dance:
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