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So...I thought I'd give this a shot.

Character Name: Desi Della Sario
Pokemon: Cinccino
Gender: Male

Faction: Kingdom of Nomade (GTS+)
Privateer Group: Global Mercenaries

Character Description: Desi is a creature that has completely abandoned the stereotypical image of his species. Most prominent of his features is his head-fur, which is not worn out like others of his species. In order to keep the beautiful white fur from getting in the way, Desi had them all braided and tied back into a ponytail. He's left his tail unbraided. His body is covered with scars from the various fights he's been in throughout his life, and he wears them proudly.

While Cinccino are typically pleasant and plump creatures, Desi is lean and built for speedy combat. He wears a dark brown leather vest, left open to show off his scars, and a pair of light brown pants. He wears a belt around his waist, which holds a pair of small, beautifully adorned axes, which he uses in combat. From the left side, another belt loop extends up across his chest to his right shoulder, where he wears a pauldron, the only armor he wears, before it travels back down to join his belt again. On his head, he wears a bandana, with large holes for his ears, that cover up the top parts of his hair, but leave room for the rest to fall out in a somewhat tidier fashion.

Desi's ears are pierced with several stud earrings in the right, and a single hoop near the base on the left. Around his neck, he wears a simple, gold crescent moon pendant on a gold chain.

Character History:
Desi's parents were exemplary members of Nomade, insofar as they possessed the insatiable desire for exploration. They swiftly gained reknown as excellent cartographers, mapping the world, as they knew it, with great scrutiny and utmost care. As a young child, Desi travelled around with his parents and his older sister, Lina, and the family worked together to make a grand comprehensive map of everything.

At one point, Desi's parents were faced with a monumentous task from the highest echelons of Nomade, and without hesitation, they accepted. Not knowing the dangers they would face, they left Lina and Desi in the care of an Uncle. With them, they left a matching set of pendants: one gold moon and one gold star, for Desi and Lina respectively, sealed with their promises to come home safely. With that, they departed.

They never returned.

Left with their Uncle, Lina and Desi were mostly left to their own devices. While the Uncle focused on their schooling, he cared little else for their activities, so long as they took the time to receive proper educations from him. Once Desi was old enough to fend for himself, Lina disappeared into the world in search of their parents, promising Desi that she'd return.

She didn't.

Desi, still fairly young and alone, waited for their return. Finding that he lacked in education, he took work as a soldier in the Nomade Army. He worked as a City Guard, relegated to catching thieves, subjugating rowdy folk, and punishing criminals. Throughout his time, he typically succeeded in his missions, and gained reknown as a stalward fighter incapable of backing down. He wore each of his scars proudly as a member of the Guard, each a sign of his accomplishments.

Then, word of Kibou reached him, and his appetite for exploration, instilled in him by his parents, awakened in full force. Zerua, The Sky Retreat, and its legend of the Compass of Truth caught his ears. With the Compass of Truth, he could find his missing family, or at least he could learn what became of them. He needed to get his hands on it, and most specifically, he needed a way to get there.

He resigned quietly from the Guards, despite protest, and set out to find ways to get to Zerua. Joining an army again didn't quite appeal to him, but he heard of people forming Privateer Groups to head out to Kibou on their own. This seemed like the most logical route, so he set out to join a group. He was courted by a few groups, but none particularly struck his fancy; they typically appeared incompetent, especially by Nomade standards. Ultimately, he settled on a group called "The Global Mercenaries", and joined their crew.

Other: Desi wields a pair of axes for close combat, combined with the techniques and agility of his species, he makes for a formidable fighter.

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